France: The Providential Victory in the World Cup


by Edy Iversen, FFWPU Paris

Yesterday in Paris it rained first thing in the morning after an incredible dry spell in France and I could feel spiritually something good was about to happen. Then at Church, we had a surprise guest, Rev. Hur, who was a special envoy to Monaco for over five years and came to share with us about the last 68 hours of Rev. Moon’s life before he died. Rev. Hur is a humble and wise man with a uniquely beautiful heart of love and filial piety towards Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who has stood by their side and worked with them intimately for many years.

He shared deeply about his firsthand experiences with Dr. Moon before he died, and Mother Moon’s deep desire to accomplish what could not be fulfilled during his lifetime. He expressed Father Moon’s great dream to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, to bring together the enemies of the world, to build a bridge between those of all religions, and to bless God-centered families of all faiths that could be the light into this dark world; as well as to raise up our 2nd generation that could lead this world into goodness. Many of our FFWPU members wept as he expressed his filial love and devotion to the founders of our movement, myself as well.

Coincidentally, yesterday evening just happened to also be the final game of the Soccer World Cup or “Football” as they call it in Europe. It is the most watched sporting event in all of the world. Rev. Moon understood the importance of competition, the influence of sports and the power it has to bring the world together. Therefore, he created the “Peace Cup” so that Soccer could become a game that brought countries together rather than divided them. Unfortunately, after he died, this dream died with him.

During last night’s final, my French husband and I prayed tearfully for this country. We prayed that if France won, they would give the glory to God rather than just be cocky, arrogant and self-aggrandizing which has been the perception for a long time of those around the world towards this country. Also, France has literally banned God from the public arena, yet there are several Christians on this team, one in particular who has shared publicly about his faith and reads the Bible every day and this is a good opportunity for them to express their faith to the world. Moreover, after the past few years of horrible terrorism, and crippling strikes, France has been completely demoralized and desperately needed to have hope that they can be victorious again after losing so many lives and much confidence in their country.

What was also quite significant and beautiful to see during the game was the importance of the connection between Africa and France, in seeing this highly interracial team working together harmoniously with one heart. Many of its members came up from poverty as their parents immigrated from Africa to France with literally nothing. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have emphasized that France must sacrifice and work to help Africa. In January of this year, many of our French FFWPU members and 2nd generation devoted weeks of their lives by going to Africa and helped to create a profound Peace Summit in Dakar, Senegal. This historic event included over 1200 religious, political and tribal leaders from every country in Africa and they could experience the heart and vision of peace by Mother Moon directly.

Frances’ greatest treasure is truly the young people who came out by the hundreds of thousands to the streets of Paris last night to celebrate this great victory. They are looking desperately for something to believe in as well. Also, worth noting was President Macron and the President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic’s beautiful attitude towards all the players of the final whether they won or lost. Together, like parents, they embraced and kissed each one of them, unprecedented in the history of Soccer and a great lesson to President Putin who stood by watching with his usual scowl. I could feel Rev Moon smiling from Heaven and was thinking to myself, this is how he wanted to bring the world together and create heavenly competition. I felt his presence almost palpably in our home last night and I could not help but believe Rev. Hur’s visit was not arbitrary, but rather he was sent by Heaven to show us that God has not forgotten about France and has great hope in us and in this country.

It is interesting to note as well that all players on the French team have decided to give part of their bonuses to humanitarian causes in France, which is indeed a beautiful example of how Soccer can influence the world in a positive way. Let us hope that these wonderful players can use this victory as a stepping board to show the world an example of goodness and unity that will inspire others and help bring peace to the world in the future.

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