France: Summer Workshop for Young Blessed Children


By Jean Francois Moulinet, FFWPU France

On July 8, 2018, we held a one-day workshop for young blessed children and friends in Chamarande training center which brought together 25 – 30 children, started with a Sunday service for 2 groups, 3 years old and 4 years and older, (The Life God Wants for Me was the theme). We then did 3 creative activities that gave the children an opportunity to make something they could take home. Everyone picnicked together followed by sports activities by teams, water games and playing in a small pool. We ended the day with a snack.

One of the 2nd generation parents commented that he never experienced a workshop like this when his young. Parents would drop children off at the beginning of the day and come back to pick them up when it finished.

Whereas this was a family workshop where the whole family stayed for the day and parents participated in organizing the activities.

One couple with a 3-month old baby came and stayed all day. A French mother living in Italy scheduled her vacation, so she could bring her children to this workshop. A strong sense of community is being established among our young couples and their children are discovering this community as they grow up. There was even one couple of grandparents who brought their visiting grandchildren from the U.S. to join in the activities.

Click Here to watch a short video of one of the sports activities.

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