FFWPU Kenya Members, Ministers, and Ministry


By June Darby, FFWPU UK

When I was in Dakar in January I met Rev Kililo the National Leader of Kenya. I learnt that the members there are fulfilling their HTM goals through blessing Christian churches. I was amazed as I had been praying about how we ‘. could make a breakthrough with blessing the Christians in Britain. Rev Kililo invited me to go to Kenya so that I could learn how they work.

Finally, I could go in May for 10 days. Rev Kililo was very kind and arranged a One Day Workshop for me to observe. There were 7 Ministers, 3 Bishops and their wives. At the end they were blessed and began the 40 days period. After the 3 Days Ceremony they are given a 3 Day Workshop where they learn more detailed Divine Principle.

There was no opportunity for me to attend a Ministers’ 3 Day Workshop so Rev Kililo arranged a 3 Day Workshop with students in Migori, near the Tanzanian border. It is a very beautiful region with tea and sugar cane plantations in hilly countryside. A very dynamic sister Tina Douro organised the workshop in one day. The students were lovely, serious and attentive. They told me that they understood the value of a spiritual foundation for a good life and wanted to study further and attend a 7 Day Workshop. On the morning of the 2nd day we helped Bishop Otigo and his congregation to clean the streets of Migori. It was even reported on National Television. The Bishop asked me to give the sermon on Sunday. I was very nervous as I didn’t want to let the FFWPU Leaders down. For I had heard that when Rev Kililo did a Workshop there that he had been the only negative Minister. So, I felt that he was checking me out. I prayed very hard and experienced amazing guidance while preparing my sermon, and in the delivery. I included some Principle concepts and the Bishop was very happy, inviting us to lunch and so we’re able to make a good relationship with him. I spoke to a congregation of 150 people. Another Pastor offered.us the use of his church facilities for future workshops.

I had been a missionary in Kenya in 1989/1990. So, it was heartwarming to meet members I had worked with then. And I was so happy to see how enthusiastically the members were working, visiting churches to witness and bless Christians. The way Rev Kililo is working with Christians is really inspired, and the education they receive is excellent. A number of Pastors have heard the 7 Day Workshop, blessed their churches and even asked to become members of the FFWPU.

The Christian community is starting to embrace and co-operate with us because they realise that we are the only ones who can give hope for solving the current immorality and breakdown of families. While I was there the leaders of the FFWPU were invited for the first time to attend a Christian Conference. I also met an Archbishop in Migori who has 1.5 million followers.

Nairobi is a very beautiful, clean and prosperous city. On our way to Migori, while travelling along a very busy highway I was surprised and delighted to see zebra, buck and guinea fowl not far from the road!

I am grateful for the incredible kindness and support that I received from everyone I met. And I left Kenya with great hope for the future.

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