DR Congo: Peace Road 2018


Prepared by UPF DR Congo

The Universal Peace Federation and its National Peace Council in DR Congo organized the Peace Road March on the eighth day of July, 2018. This is the fourth edition since this activity was launched in our country. This march is organized when our country is preparing to organize Elections at all levels from 23 December2018.

The rally began On the commercial square in Limete, a place reputed as stronghold of the Opposition. Several members of the FFWPU; Ambassadors for Peace; traditional leaders; the unificationists young leaders have invaded the arteries of Limete commune to respect and honor a legacy of peace and the efforts of a man for a unified world; it’s the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

We had more than 400 participants. As with previous editions, the police were on duty, as well as the fanfare. Let us also note that each time we organize the Peace march of the Peace road; more than one Congolese appreciate this beautiful initiative of international scope.

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