Czech Republic: HARP Summer Workshop


By Benjamin Lajda, HARP Czech Republic

From the 30th June to the 7th of July, 2018, Czech HARP held its sixth annual summer workshop.

Thirty-one Czech HARP members and a further ten participants from Slovakia and two brothers from Germany gathered in the beautiful Krkonoše mountain region in the north of the Czech Republic. During the seven-day event our core staff were joined by a number of guest speakers and assistants, who would help to make this one of the most memorable workshops for our Czech community so far. Each day we had morning inspiration given by one of team leaders, based on the book “Little Prince”

Many of the participants expressed that they could get a lot of spiritual support, understand the divine principle more deeply, find new friends and have a good time. There were various topics in the lectures, the main content was DP, but going more to the second part of the book – Restoration. We also asked the lecturers to give their personal testimony about a significant part of their life.

We also held a brothers/sisters day where we could share in a safe environment and bring up struggles from personal life.

Very meaningful was a prayer night – after inspiration about prayer, we prayed for 40 minutes individually. Some of the kids expressed that it was a very valuable time for them and that it should be longer next time.

Basically, we had sunny weather all the time therefore we could do a lot of outside activities and sports. The highlight of the seminar was a challenge day – whole day hike in teams where they had to fulfill different tasks and riddles and also challenge themselves physically. Besides that, we also included movie evening, quiz and exciting family evening, where the teams presented their performances.

Besides that, we also included movie evening, quiz and exciting family evening, where the teams presented their performances.

The core staff was well united, flexible and crated a very good spiritual platform. We are not only grateful, but deeply proud of all of our eldest HARP members who volunteered their time and energy to assist as MC, Sports coordinators and team leaders. It is very meaningful to observe the development of HARP members as they are able to recognize their value and responsibility within the faith community.

We hope that this experience has given them a taste of the incredible power that can come from serving others.

Last but not least, we would like to mention a very good cooperation with Slovak Community, helping with lectures and assisting in many other arias.

To all those involved, participants, guest speakers, staff, True Parents and our Heavenly Parents, thank you for your contribution towards this memorable experience!

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