Costa Rica: Divine Principle for Young People

Prepared by FFWPYU Costa Rica

We held a 4-day seminar for the young people from July 9 to 13, 2018 in Guadalupe, San Jose, Headquarters of FFWPU Costa Rica. This was organized by the older members of the 2nd generation with the idea of developing heart of filial sons and daughters for True Parents and Heavenly Parents, and strength the bonds of brotherhood among the participants. The 2nd Gen and Seong Hwa students were able to participate in different activities that let them to know each other as brothers and sisters and also had the opportunity to experience the testimony of various older members, such as blessed families, Carp members and the national leader of Costa Rica, Mr Oscar Barquero.

They also participated in conferences about the Divine Principle in order to help them understand it in a deeper way, and had opportunities to talk about difficulties they have had in their life of faith, were the leader of CARP Costa Rica, Mr. Manho Woo, help them understand the difficulties that a young member of the Unification movement will face and how to approach those problems centering on True Parents. The participants had activities were they reflected upon the future and what objectives they want to accomplish in their life, and the importance of centering those goals into living for the sake of others and trying to make True Parents and God proud.

The participants were able to connect with each other and develop a heart of brotherhood in activities were they talk with each other about their life and the problems they face, and understood how most of us are in the same situation, which helped them get together and find a way to solve those problems. They also could understand the heart of the older members of the church, where the blessed couples help them understand the importance of the blessing and what experience made them follow the heart of True Parent. Also they experienced how hard it can be to give testimony to new members because the Carp members did activities with the participants so that they could know how to effectively bring new members to the unification church.

Among the activities, the participants were able to experience the difficulties of establishing conditions of devotions, by doing a fasting condition of 1 day, praying conditions, a condition of doing 40 gyeong bae in the morning and at nigth, and a vigil. They also had the opportunity of learning about the life of Hyo Jin Nim, in order to help them see how is it that Hyo Jin Nim became a filial son for True Parents and the participants understood that He is an older brother and a model that the 2nd Gen and the Seong Hwa members could follow. Through this, the participants learned the importance of going along the path of a filial son to help True Parents build the Cheong Il Guk.

Kimiko Tanaka, 15 years old, participant and 2nd Gen: “I liked a lot the testimonies that were given, because we learned a lot about the path that the first generation had to go when following the True Parents. Also doing the conditions of devotion helped me understand the suffering that Heavenly Parents and True Parents had to face in order to establish the Cheong Il Guk, so it help me connect more with Them”

In the future, we want to keep the 2nd Gen and the Seong Hwa members together and keep developing a heart of brotherhood. We will have different activities to keep learning about not only the life of True Parents but also the life of other True Family members. This is so that we can see different role models that the young members can follow in their life of faith. Also we will be doing more conditions of devotions to develop a heart of sacrifice and living for the sake of other. And we want to do activities centered on bringing new members such as friends or family of the 2nd Gen and Seong Hwa students.

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