Congo Brazzaville: Africa Day

By Achille Mouanda, FFWPU Congo Brazzaville

After the arrival of True Mother in Dakar, she liberated Africa and based on that we celebrated the Africa Day in our country on Nune 8th 2018 with 120 participants including several African dignitaries and representatives of different nations. It was also an opportunity to release the Dakar Summit in public.
The UN speech read by the Vice-Chairman Dr Julien Moufonda, the UPF message delivered by the UPG General Secretary Mr Clement Tsana was followed by an exchange with the audience.
A video of Dakar Summit was presented to introduce the restitution made by Mr Clement Tsana.
The National Leader, Rev. Norbert Ndielle taught the five universal principles of the UPF just after the introductory video of UPF.
Two Ambassadors were nominated as Ambassadors for Peace. It is Mrs Batoura Kane Niang, Ambassador of Senegal in Congo Brazzaville and Mrs Therese Ndri Yoman, Ambassador of Ivory Coast in Congo Brazzaville.
This appointment was officiated by the Chairman of UPF Congo, Mr Maurice Nguesso, elder brother of the actual Head of State.
Participants from different nations were pleased to see UPF organize such a Summit in Dakar. They believe that through this Summit, Africa can develop and that there will be the free movement of goods and people within countries. The Africa Day celebration is the time for us to talk about everything about our Africa. Thank you UPF for this occasion.


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