Cambodia: Inauguration of YSP

Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace in Cambodia


by Tang Kimsruy, YSP-Cambodia

Youth & Students for Peace Conference was held at Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC) on July 11, 2018 under the theme: “Pure Love: Solving Social Problems and Building Healthy Societies,” co-organized by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU)-Cambodia and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF)-Cambodia. There are over 700 students and youth from around 20 different universities/institutions in the capital city of Phnom Penh attended the program. YSP-Cambodia is officially launched in Cambodia presided by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, the Chairman of the FFWPU-Asia Pacific and H.E. Ly Chheng, the Member of Parliament of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia along with national leaders of FFWPU-Asia Region and youth from Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Lao, Myanmar, Mongolia, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and including Cambodia.

This inauguration began with a beautiful performance by 25 members of the Asian Leadership Training Program so called ALT who come from over 10 nations in Asia. They inspired the audience with the spirit of unity and love. Moreover, the team from Cambodia Tong Il Mo Do performed a beautiful and powerful martial art to express the beauty of unity between mind and body.

Dr. Tang Kimsruy, Secretary General of YSP-Cambodia gave a warm welcome remark and brief report about YSP’s activities which fundamentally concentrating on educating students and youth to know the significance of keeping purity and character education. He laid out the platform for youth to engage by introducing YSP’s vision, mission, values, and its directions. To inspire and implant the seed of purity, Rev. Hajime Saito, Cheon Il Guk special envoy to Cambodia gave a special presentation and asked all participants to rise up and recite the pure love pledge.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chairman of FFWPU-Asia Pacific gave a special address to inaugurate the YSP-Cambodia. He pointed out one of the most important teachings in the life of our founders, Father and Mother Moon is, “Loving God, Loving the Nation and Loving all mankind”. Dr. Yong added, they always emphasize the purpose of education is for us to be able to love God, to love people and to love our country.

To conclude the program, H.E. Ly Chheng, Member of Parliament of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia gave a significant closing remark to the audience and wishes them success in their life goal. He emphasized that young people must have a clear life goal, vision and work hard to achieve it.

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