Brazil: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing of Previously Married Couples

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On July 1, 2018, we held the Heavenly Tribal Messiah (HTM) Blessing for previously married couples at our church headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil.  There were seven couples who participated, including a President of one evangelical church (a Bishop) and his wife.  We witnessed to their couple while mobilizing for the rally centering on True Mother in Brazil in August.  They always participated in our Afternoon Tea events for NGO leaders and breakfast meetings for religious leaders.

All seven couples completed basic Divine Principle education and went through the blessing preparation seminar, which includes the following lectures elaborated and emphasized:  The Change of Blood Lineage, The Value and Significance of the Blessing and the Importance of Completing the 5 steps of the Blessing:  The Holy Wine Ceremony, The Blessing Ceremony (Benediction Prayer), the Indemnity Stick Ceremony, the 40-day Separation Period and the 3-day Ceremony.  All of these lectures were given before the Blessing Ceremony.

All couples understood very well the contents of the lectures.  They also completed the Indemnity Stick Ceremony and now are going through the 40-day Separation Period.

Before their 40-day separation period ends, they will go through the seminar to prepare for the 3-day Ceremony and start family life.

The Blessing Ceremony was a great success amid cooperation and support of church leaders and staff members.

We realize that it is not easy to fulfill the HTM Blessing, as we see our result of only seven couples. However, we feel the importance of basic Divine Principle education and of the Blessing Preparation Seminar so that our invited couples will feel the value of the blessing and not just throw it away by breaking it.

If we plant a good seed for sure we will harvest good fruits and if we start right, we will always do it right and always go the right way.

Our sincere heart and dedication is our good ground.  The continuous education we give to our guests when we witness is the good seed we plant and the good fruits are the eternal blessing that each of our newly blessed couples maintain while on Earth and in the spirit world.

We will do our best to offer more to God and the True Parents and to give joy to Them by witnessing to more couples to receive the blessing in the future.

Our deep and eternal gratitude to heaven for always guiding and blessing us in everything that we do, Aju!!!

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