Bolivia: Determination Assembly For The Victory Of Hopeful Rally In Brazil


6th National Assembly with the purpose of determining the victory of 100,000 people in Brazil and the fulfillment of the goal of Bolivia to take 1200 people to the Rally in Brazil

prepared by FFWPU Bolivia

From June 23 to 24, 2018, We had a two-day assembly which was a national meeting where all the members of Bolivia, around 500 people gathered in the city of Cochabamba. All members of the 5 regions of Bolivia arrived on the first day in the morning.

We began with our special guests giving their words of welcome, we also had the presence of Rev. Shin, among other personalities as deputies and UPF members who gathered together with their families.

After that, all the participants enjoyed Sport Festival, Performing Songs and Dances and Yut game.

The cultural presentation it was remarkable the unity and the Hyo Jyeong that all the members invested in the preparation and presentation with the thought of being able to present ourselves before our beloved True Mother.

At night the Yut game tournament was one of the favorite games of True Father where each region competed with encouragement, bars and above all to make unity as a team, were moments of great emotion.

The first day ended with a holy song and prayer with candles in the light of the moon, to determine to bring victory in upcoming Hopeful Rally in Brazil and hoping that we from Bolivia can fulfill our goal to bring 1200 people to be with our beloved True Mother.

On the second day we had the pleasant honor of listening to a general report of the preparations for the Rally in Brazil by Rev. Shin, as well as Sunday service sermon that entitled “The moment has arrived, the recent providence and our path to follow. He spoke about how True Mother has been walking forward for the victory of the 2020 vision. And all the participants were very inspired for the encounter with the True Mother.

In the afternoon, we had the final matches among men’s soccer teams and ladies’ teams as well. In the end, Cochabamba region won the cup.

They were moments where we could share as a family under God and everything went according to plan and as recommended by the Mother we compete healthily as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God.


The pastor of the region of Cochabamba said that members really showed the devotion that each one invested in their preparation for each part of the event such as soccer, dance. One member in charge of the dance said they even suspended some of the subjects of their studies at the University to present a good number to go see our beloved True Mother and raise funds through the fundraising.

There were members who had left the church a long time ago but this time, they have returned to represent their region with the skill they had, they stayed to rehearse until late at night after doing all their activities during the day.

Members and families constantly did activities to raise funds, such as going out to sell chicken roast at night and thus collaborate to make money for both the assembly and for the trip to Brazil and see our beloved True Mother.

This two day were truly moments where all the members of Bolivia lived as one family under God.

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