Belarus: Second Generation Summer Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Belarus

From June 15 to 24, 2018 East Europe 2nd Generation Department together with FFWPU- Belarus conducted the 6th annual 2nd Gen Belarus Summer Workshop in Korolevo, Belarus, for 10-14 years old 2nd gen. It was the 6th and the largest Workshop in terms of people joined – we welcomed 75 participants from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and 21 members of STAFF.

The workshop included diverse programs, such as:

  1. Life of attendance through following the main traditions, such as HDH, Closing the day, Jeonsong conditions by teams, serving etc.;
  2. Daily personal internal guidance and internal goal setting;
  3. Programs on identity of the 2nd gen, habit influence, Pure Love education, True Parents’ Life course, vision for 2nd gen;
  4. Practical simulation of diverse behavior models of 2nd gen by using modern psychological methods;
  5. Day with True Father when we tried to relate to hard work in the Heungnam Labor Camp and Father’s steps on the way from North to South Korea;
  6. Fun and teamwork through quests, challenges and sports;
  7. Special education: intro class to psychology, entrepreneurship, design, science, medicine and first aid.

All of that helped children focus on internal growing in their relationships with God and True Parents, prepared to find themselves and fulfilling of their purpose of creation through immersion in one or another specialty, and make strong connection with 2nd gen from other places.

A special program “Day with True Father” caused a wave of enthusiastic responses from children, everyone shared that they could understand the heart of the Father.

Meanwhile children listen to the older 2nd generation about their experiences in prayer, testimonies about meeting True Parents. These six older 2nd gen took a role of a team leader’s assistant in each of the six team and showed themselves as truly helpful right hands for team leaders and best friends for the participants:

“I could feel the True Parents heart through my team. They were for me like all humankind for the True Parents. I really want to teach them a lot, help them to become a real 2nd generation. I feel a great responsibility for their growth. It is very difficult to be a mentor, team leader, also because if the team fail, then I consider myself guilty. Because the True Father experiences similar feelings to all people on earth, I feel that I understand him more than ever.”

Understanding an importance of older 2nd gen as a generation who set a standard and should become a role model for the younger brothers and sisters, we are happy to see them taking this responsibility with a sincere heart and devotion.


  • “On our challenge day we were carrying bags of soil. When I was carrying the third bag, I suddenly realized that True Father is walking in front of me.”
  • “At the workshop I had a dream about True Mother. She had a headache and asked to cure Her. I was very shy, but still put my hands on Her forehead. I felt the warmth and love radiating from Her. Her pain was gone, and she gave me a hug. I will never forget this dream.”
  • “I used to think that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is just a good man. But the older I get, I come to realize that He is not an ordinary man, He is a son of God… I endlessly admire True Father. I really want to become such 2nd generation child so True Parents can look at and think that everything They went through was not in vain, that we can change the world and create a Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven.”

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