Azerbaijan: Happy Family Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Azerbaijan

On June 24, 2018 a “Happy Family Festival” was held in the Sky Hotel of Baku, Azerbaijan. Total number of participants was 36 persons. There were 12 couples among of 36 persons.

The event began with instrumental music. Then one VIP, Mayil Yagub (PhD and teacher in Khazar University) gave beautiful speech about traditional family values in Azerbaijan.

Then the central Blessed family Seyfulla Heybatov began to give presentation about our organization and founders and their activity. Then was short video about one old man who are very faithful to his died wife and he living respectful life toward his wife.

Then the blessing part of event began. Seyfulla Heybatov was shortly explaining about ceremony. To all of the couples white scarf and holy juice was given. And then the couples gave pledge.

During the event we also presented the certificate of Ambassador for Peace to one our guest who is also supported us and invited 3 high level couples. She also was our participant the events in Vienna by bus. Her name is Gultakin Babazade. In the end was group photo and furshet.

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