Zambia: Women Leadership Seminar


Prepared by WFWP Zambia

WFWP Africa region in collaboration with WFWP Zambia held the 3rd one day women leadership seminar on June 9, 2018 at Peace Embassy, Lusaka under the theme: “Forgive Love and Unite”.

This important Women Leadership Training being conducted and guided by Mrs. Susan Kone the WFWP IVP Africa.

The attendants were 40 women leaders from different providential organizations and Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

The purpose of the series of women leadership seminar to inspire and motivate Women Leaders within our movement to take their responsibility for fulfilment of vision 2020 and to create a unity, to have a to focus on the victory of vision 2020 in their Nations and establish a True Families Movement.

The MC was Mrs. Margret Jere, WFWP Zambia board member and it started with a prayer from Mrs. Betty Phiri, WFWP Zambia board advisor and wife to the National Leader.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Annabelle Banda, WFWP Zambia Secretary General emphasized on the importance of this special leadership training by Mrs. Kone Susan. She further said, “We need to receive more guidance to fulfill duties as women or as mothers”. Finally, she encouraged participants to remain focused on the lectures which will help them to become proactive to carry out their duties and responsibilities as women leaders.

After given her schedules for the coming months, Mrs. Susan Kone gave two inspiring and motivational presentations. The first lecture titled, “Leadership and Management” which enlightened the participants about leadership. She began her lectures by quoting True Father words from Cheong Seong Gyeong , Book 9, Chapter 3 , paragraph 20, Page 986 “People in charge should not be arrogant. A leader should be like a parent, a mother or father. The leader is a representative of God. The Leader needs to invest greater effort than anyone else, day and night and take responsibility to resolve all kinds of situations, whether spiritual or physical, internal or external, with a sincere heart. He or she should be the one to whom others come for advice, the subject partner that people love more than they love their own parents. Without the ability to lead in this way, one cannot fulfil the mission of a leader”.

She gave a clear and systematic definition of the management and leadership, their roles, the qualities of leadership and finally. She emphasized on the role they are playing as women and mothers as well as Tribal Messiahs. She further encouraged women to play their role by being  exemplary women and mothers in the responsibilities. She stressed by given a practical example of different. Finally, she concluded her presentation by quoting once more True Father’s words from Cheon Seong Gyeong , Book 9, Chapter 3, Paragraph 32 , page 989: “To become a True Leader, you need to formulate both internal and external strategies for your mission field. Employing those strategies, you should digest the difficulties of your mission field with the heart of a parent”.

In her second presentation based on “Time Management”. She once more quoted True Father’s words from Cheon Seong Gyeong- Book 8; Chapter 1, paragraph 33, page 800: “We need to have some accomplishments. The issue is whether at least one person on a battlefield achieves noteworthy results. I am not interested in worthless practices. As representatives of God, our families and our nation, we must shed blood fight to obtain results worth of respect. We cannot do this laughing. However, when we go forward with life-or-death determination, results commensurate with our efforts will naturally emerge. Now is the time to invest our best abilities and leave a legacy of achievements”.

She further stressed the benefits or advantages of time management which is to increase productivity, reduce stress, boost in self confidence and better among others benefits. She finally encouraged the participants to learn keeping time

In the closing remarks given by Mrs. Kone, she thanked all the participants who attended regularly the training for their empowerment.

At the participants were inspired and deeply moved by the different presentations and resolved to protect mother Zambia by investing all their best as mothers to be in the forefront and lift the providence in Zambia. They requested more Educational and empowerment programs to enlighten women and to encourage them to be proactive in creating and nurturing the culture of peace.

Mrs. Kone encouraged the Women who participated in the last sisterhood ceremony to visit each other to create bond among themselves.

The Women expressed their Joy through songs and dances to express their gratitude towards the training they have received to stand up for bringing one million memberships in 2020.

At the end, participants expressed their profound gratitude towards Mrs. Susan Kone, and the program ended with a closing prayer.

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