Zambia: WFWP General Meeting

by Fabrice Djimadoum

WFWP Zambia held general meeting 2018 on June 2, 2018 at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. Around 39 participants included the Mrs. Susan Kone the WFWP IVP Africa as guest of honor and members from within Lusaka and provinces attended.

The event started with holy songs given by the participants to warm up the atmosphere. Then followed by an opening prayer given by Mrs. Odette Kunda.

Different speaker took the stage.

The first speaker was Mrs. Eunice Sanfo, WFWP Zambia Vice President. In her introductory message, she thanked everyone for coming to this important general meeting. She further emphasized on the importance of the roles of women being played in the society.

Then the next speaker was Mrs. Annabelle Banda, WFWP Secretary General. She gave the report of activities which have took place in 2017. In her report, WFWP has feeding programs in public clinics, sewing classes for vulnerable women and girls and fundraising.

Afterwards, participants asked questions about the expansion of the food projects.

The third speaker was Mrs. Yuka Mwanza, WFWP Treasurer. She gave the financial report of the year 2017 which is mostly funded by WFWP Japan. Further Mrs. Violet Kantakaluba explained that members have not been paying their membership fees which has affected the running of the operations of the organization.

The fourth speaker, Mrs. Sheila Chanda Mwenda, WFWP Zambia President gave the report of activities carried out during last year and the beginning of the year 2018. In her report, she mentioned about making contact with various women leaders such as hon. Elisabeth Phiri, Member of Parliament of Kanyama constituency in Lusaka, visited community schools and orphanage in Ngombe in Lusaka. She further revealed the new five (5) sub committees such as, Public Relations, Peace and Prosperity to and headed by Mrs. Sheila Mwenda, fundraising to be continued be headed by Mrs. Kiyomi Wakasaka, while the committee for Marriage and Family is being headed by Mrs. Odette Kunda. Health and Environment will be headed by Mrs. Jacqueline Mutewa and finally the committee for Education and Home Economics headed by Mrs. Eunice Mbulo Sanfo.

She further appealed to the members to participate in activities by registering themselves in the different committees created where they may feel comfortable to offer their contribution towards the development of WFWP in Zambia. Finally, she advised each committee to draw out their activities plan budget.

Mrs. Odette Kunda in Charge of Marriage and Family was called to explain how she will deal with marriage issues. First and foremost is to visit members at their homes so that they each other then go to the larger community.

The WFWP IVP Africa Mrs. Susan Kone gave an inspiring remark. In her remarks, she thanked the WFWP Zambia for the hard work and dedication to the activities throughout the year 2017 and for hosting this important meeting. She further encouraged mothers present representing all women of Zambia to care and to love each other. She also explained the different projects being implemented such as marriage and families helping the malnourished children among others by WFWP. She concluded her remarks by encouraging the participants present to invest in the growing of the membership which must start from each participant present.

In the vote of thanks given by Audrey Mashikini, WFWP members. She thanked the WFWP Zambia for their report activities carried out last year. She encouraged them to joined to different sub committees of the organization to make a strong women movement in Zambia.

The program ended with a closing prayer given by Mrs. Beatrice Muvunda.

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