USA: 2nd Annual Ohana Undoukai Family Sports Festival


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On Sunday, June 10, the Honolulu Family Church community was blessed with the perfect weather to kick off their second annual Ohana Undoukai family sports festival. Under beautiful blue skies, over 100 families and guests gathered at Paki Community Park, located just north of the famous Waikiki area. Rev. Larry Krishnek, the Western Subregional Director, was warmly welcomed by the Honolulu community as it was his first official visit to the city, where he spoke at Sunday Service in the park.

Linda Nagai, who presented the idea of the Undoukai last year, explained the heart of ohana, meaning “extended family” in Hawaiian, and the significance of playing sports together. District Pastor Rev. Kazuo Takami described undoukai as an annual sports day popular in Japanese schools. Last year’s Undoukai influenced the young community of the Honolulu Family Church which resulted in a majority of teenagers and young adults taking initiative in both the preparations and the execution.

The Undoukai program consisted of numerous activities ranging from a simple game of Limbo to games like “Tama” where teams competed to get the most balls into their basket. Participants offered testimonies expressing their joy for the activities as well as the joining of multiple generations within the Honolulu church community.

During the lunch break, the entertainment ensued. The Nagai family band provided gratifying music. A group of over 20 mothers offered a special dance performance to the song “We Are Family.” An intergenerational group performed the dance to Mujogeon (“Unconditionally”), which has been popularized within the Unification movement since their rally in Madison Square Garden last year.

The Undoukai concluded with the presentation of a trophy to the winning team, followed by the singing of “Where Peace Begins” with the Honolulu Family Choir, which brought many participants to tears.


  • “I came here today because I wanted to reconnect with the movement. I really enjoyed seeing the leadership, camaraderie and sportsmanship.” –Glendaile Llamelo
  • “I attended this event today to be one family under God with everybody. However, I wish we could do this more than once a year so we can unite and gather together.” –Rika Otsubo
  • “It was nice seeing the youth take initiative. I could really feel the hard work second gen put into this event.” –Tsurue Matsuba
  • “What I really enjoyed about this event was the fellowship of the Honolulu Family Church. I’m going to share the idea of undoukai with the other communities I visit.” –Rev. Larry Krishnek

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