United Kingdom: Visit of Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb


Prepared by FFWPU UK

We had the pleasure of Dr Mike and Mrs Fumiko Balcomb’s first official visit to our Birmingham community on Sunday May 27th. Appropriately, there was thunder and lightning in the air, with torrential rain forecast. But timing is everything, and the rain held off just long enough for the small children to play in the garden while Dr Balcomb delivered his message on ‘God’s Plan’, both in history and for each one of us.

The audience of around 80 people was an interesting mixture, half of whom were local FFWPU members, and half invited guests and friends who have been studying the Principle with us for some time, including 2 Christian Ministers and 3 close Muslim friends who were fasting for Ramadan. One of the Ministers sang our offering song, and the other, Pastor Ajmal from Pakistan, gave the Benediction for us.

Having discussed the lives of the prophets and religious founders, including Father Moon’s calling as a young boy of 15, Dr Balcomb’s concluding remarks were that God has a plan for each one of us, no matter how small we feel, and by working together, in our case in the city of Birmingham, we can do great things at this important moment in history.

We then enjoyed refreshments and fellowship, including a wonderful moment when two of our close Christian friends from Africa, Agnes and Gloriose, met each other again after more than 20 years! We could spend a little time in the garden, but then … the heaven’s opened !! The rain came down with such force and intensity that both the main roads near our home had to be closed for a time. One family left to travel back to Northampton only to have to come back to our house, and wait for a couple of hours for the flood to subside. Fortunately, we bought a house at the top of a hill, but down below a number of cars were partially submerged, police cars were blocking access to the two main roads, and with large plastic waste bins floating gaily down the temporary river.

We will be waiting with great interest for our next visitation!

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