UK: WFWP Identity of Women Panel and Preparing for the Speech Contest


by Gianni Raineri, WFWP United Kingdom

Following the 1st WFWP Forum titled as “Gender Parity” on March 10th, the 2nd Forum was held for the sake of promoting our youth education project; “Speech Contest 2018” on Saturday 9th June at Kent Room, 43 Lancaster Gate. It started at 2:15 pm at Kent Room and finished with well-prepared refreshments at Café at 5:00 pm.

At this time the title to discuss is “Identity of Women” and three panel speakers presented each own perspective on this particular issue to the participants. The Panels are Jennifer McCracken, Asma Ahmed and Sharon Kabubi, and Christa Rennie was the MC once again. Some individuals expressed their own beliefs and opinions after the three presentations, and then all the participants were allocated into 4 groups and discussion continued in each group.

When all came back to Kent Room once again one representative from each group reported the summary of their discussion to others. At the end of program, Taeko Duckworth, the Chair of Speech Contest Committee took 10 minutes to explain about the aim of WFWP Speech Contest and the way of application for it this year.

The number of the participants reached 30 and most of them are from London area and some of them came from Birmingham. Among them a few finalists of the Speech Contest in the past years attended and they offered their spontaneous support for this project. In the future we will strengthen and develop the alumnae of the Speech Contest, through which many other projects and activities will grow out.

Every participant seems uplifted and inspired through this forum and it promises (hopefully) the success for this year’s Speech Contest. So much gratitude and appreciation for each participant and staff of WFWP!

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