UK: Broad Green Community center hosts talks on family by Universal Peace Federation


Prepared by UPF UK ( June 15, 2018 )

The Swindon Advertiser recently published an article about the Family Festival in Swindon. You can read it HERE. PEACE in the world must start with a healthy family, according to attendees of a Universal Peace Federation meeting in Swindon. The Universal Peace Federation is an NGO and international peace building organization which has special consultative status with the economic and social council of the UN.

Its Family Festival at Broad Green Community Center brought together people from multiple faiths to talk about the importance of family.

Edward Hartley, chairman of the UPF South West, delivered a lecture on a strong family and marriage.

He told the Adver: “The family is the root of everything. If we can help improve families then society will automatically improve.

“Governments don’t see it as their role to help the family, if politicians could focus on this issue it be would be good. It’s the root. If we have a stable family, we can have a stable society.

“There is tremendous pressure on the family now. There’s too much pressure to get a mortgage and house and it’s detrimental to family life.”

“Politicians promise more and more but we have to teach moral and ethical values. We have to learn to be with each other.

Joanna Hartl, a volunteer presenter with Swindon 105.5 said: “What UPF is trying to say is let’s not get stuck in one corner where you have got to believe this or that. Let’s get down to the most fundamental principles. Take the family unit, that’s the fundamental point where we all agree that we need a family.

“The family is the cornerstone where people meet and grow emotionally. To develop their heart an ability to function as human beings is dependent upon this very central point of growing in the family unit. Without that support people can form proper relationships.”

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