Spain: Blessing Ceremony during the Celebration of the UN International Day of Families


By Osamu Tomita & Mercedes González, FFWPU Spain

We started the preparations for this Event on the first week of March. The theme of the Event was: “The Marriage, the Family and a World of Love”. And we could offer in this Event different aspects of our Unification Movement and The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Traditions.

The event took place on May 15, 2018 at the Madrid Family Church. And the Mr. Francisco Campuzano, was the MC of the event who gave a lecturer.

Main parts of the event:

  • Main parts of this Event and Celebration Day:
  • Opening and closing remarks.
  • 4 Lectures about Marriage and Family.
  • Charity Concert to support for IRFF UK’s  project of the Junior Destiny School in Kibiri, Uganda. We could have two types of performances.
  • Ceremony of the Holy Blessing – 7 couples.
  • Awards Ceremony for a Poetess and AMEI – WAECE.
  • An Interreligious Prayer with the Candle of CIG.
  • An agape.


  • “The Family in Africa, Social and Cultural Dimension” by Professor Mr. Emilio Asti. From Italy, he’s an Unificationist and professor in the University in Milan and Madrid.
  • “The Marriage in the Islamic Tradition” by Engineer Mr. Alejandro Delgado. From Spain, he’s a Muslim and member of the TAYBA Association in Madrid.
  • “The Parental Love in the Family” by Dr. Juan Fernández. From the Dominican Republic, he’s a Catholic, President of ACUDE.
  • “The Origin and Cause of the Conflicts within Marriage” by heavenly tribal messiah Mercedes.

All the lecturers gave a profound content about their topic and they generated an atmosphere of deep thoughts and reflections on Marriage and Family. It was truly a time of intellectual and spiritual enrichment.


  • Mr. Sebastián Badosa an Unificationist Singer and Guitarist, he sang 4 great sons that touched so much the Audience that everyone was very generous to give their donation. He created a very joyful atmosphere.
  • The Alborada Choir always very loyal to our Events. Since 2007 they are offering their time and musical talents for our Charity Concerts. This time, they offered a repertoire of several well-known songs. Each time, they offer more quality in their performance. They created a very peaceful and happy moment as well.

HOLY BLESSING CEREMONY: Officiators were Osamu and Mercedes Tomita, 6000 couples, International Missionaries. 2 Heavenly Tribal Messiah Families contributed with their guests.

  • Leo del Monte & Takiko Imoto san.
  • Osamu Tomita san & Mercedes González.

7 Married couples could receive the Holy Wine. They affirmed 3 Heavenly Blessing Vows, united their hands. Also they received the Holy Water and the Blessing Prayer. They were given a folder with educational material for them to understand and follow their next marriage steps toward Heaven. They’ll receive further education.


  • Mrs. Lola Palancar, a Poetess that is member of a Poet Association in Madrid. She has composed poetry all her life. She offered one her poems about God and Family to the audience and she really touched our hearts.
  • Mr. Juan Sánchez, President of the World Association of Early Childhood Educators – AMEI – WAECE. For their meritorious work of education for more than 25 years to children from 0- 3 years. He gave us a summary of their excellent work.

INTERRELIGIOUS PRAYER: Our international missionary Mr. José Manuel Cabero and four other religious ladies, Violeta from the Dominican Republic, Iluminada from Madrid, Lola from Cuenca. They prayed together for the theme of “A Global Family with God”. The four of them united in heart with the same hope and different style, offered their sincere prayers to God our Heavenly Parent. They held our CIG candle in their hands.

It was a very peaceful and deep moment of interreligious harmony and unity. They all four had the same goal, heart and desires.

CLOSING REMARKS: Dr. Mr. Edwind T. Arroyo, Promoter – Coordinator of the Peruvian University INCA Garcilaso de la Vega

O.D.E. Long Distance Education. He spoke about the founding of the International Day of Family by the UN and the importance for each country to celebrate this day in their different realms of society. He praised our initiative to create an Event for the celebration of this International Day. The Family is the core stone of society, that it has to be proclaimed, celebrated and protected.

AN AGAPE: It was prepared with the help of Mrs. Amalia Huerta and Mrs. Ruth Zelada. They offered their unconditional help and they did a great job.

When I decided to organize this Event, I wrote in a Wish Paper that I had at home, that I wish to offer in this Celebration of the International Day of Family “A group of 7 married couples for them to receive the Holy Blessing”. I put this Wish Paper in my Altar next to the House of Ancestors. Even

though, I’ve prepared everything by myself, God and His Holy Spirit were everyday with me. They’ve offered their constant help, guidance, support and inspirations.

On the day of the Event, God provided His help through several brothers and sisters of the Madrid Family Church and they did an excellent job, so that everything could be done properly.

We’d like to offer my deepest gratitude to God, His Holy Spirit and the other heavenly tribal messiah in the Madrid Family Church.

They’ve offered their great help and contribution to this Program. In fact, without them and my family (Osamu san, my husband and Hideto, our third son) I couldn’t have realized it. I asked HQ for some books about True Parents’ Words and other materials and they gave me that.

We could give many sets of The Divine Principle educational booklets and Books of True Father’s and True Mother’s Speeches. I think people have the right to know and understand the New Revelation from God our Heavenly Parent and our beloved True Parents. May God Bless each one of them!

Thank you very much!!!

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