Russia: Workshop for Children and Parents

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Two-day workshop for parents and children was held in Moscow on June 10 to 11, 2018. There were 24 families: 28 parents and 29 children 7-11 years old from Moscow, Ryazan and cities of Moscow region. Topic of the first day: “Parent- child relationships – how to express my love the way other person can feel it.” Parents learned what their style of education children is: pros and cons.

Meanwhile children listen to the older 2nd generation how much their parents truly love them. What practically they can do to show their love and appreciation to their parents. Every child made a present for his parents – a jar of good mood. Then parents and children joined together and had a training session: leaning something new about each other and expressing love in different ways.

Topic of the second day was PRAYER. Each family could reflect and pray in special atmosphere. All the rest was prepared and conducted by parents themselves: morning exercises, interactive HDH, breakfast, lunch and dinner and great variety of different master classes, board games. Together we had a service project in out Embassy of Peace: painted walls and planted greens.


  • For me it is an opportunity to think about development, to see my disadvantages, to look at my relationship with my son from God’s point of view.
  • … children saw a good example of friendship between generations, friendship between families, children and adults.
  • It turned out to be a kind of ‘excursion’ to the Kingdom of Heaven, where Blessed families together can do something useful for the common good, spend time together with God.
  • The main thing is the opportunity to focus attention and love on one of the children. We felt like we were one family…
  • In the lecture about love came the idea that sometimes in relationships with children I miss the opportunity to correct my mistakes.

The general atmosphere of family, unity and family!

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