Russia: Outdoor Blessing Festival in Podolsk


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On June 9 the First Blessing Festival was held in Podolsk town of Moscow region in the courtyard of apartment building, where Alexey and Olga Saveliev’s family lives.

About 50 people gathered for the festival, among them there were many children. One couple who lived together for 50 years received the Blessing.

It was outdoor festival. The day was windy and chilly, this affected the participation of married couples. Despite of this, the chairman of the building management company and her deputy were present. Right before the program began the weather was badly spoiled, it was hard to believe that even one couple would participate. But thanks to joint efforts, a couple who lived in that building received the Blessing.

Brothers and sisters of Podolsk home group “Springs” helped a lot, so did the family of Vitaly and Olga Vakulinsky and the Angels of Peace dancing troop.

The main result is that we can hold Blessing ceremonies not only indoors. We also witness of local VIPs and they want to conduct similar programs.

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