Romania: Two Days Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by CARP Romania

We concluded our 63th 21-day JeongSung Condition by organizing successful two-day Divine Principle Workshop here in Romania CARP on May 26 to 27, 2018. We were happy to have as participants 4 guests and 3 CARP Members, to listen to the lectures and attend the Divine Principle workshop.

Guided by our national leader Mister Jeong Bong Moon and with the help of STF team and GMP team we created the best environment for young people to receive the Divine Principle Lectures and True Parent’s love.

The workshop started with an introduction in the Divine Principle, followed by two lectures explaining the Principle of Creation, all presented with great enthusiasm and spirit by our national leader. After this we took a break and organized team-building games led by STF members. It was very precious time we could spend together and remember about our happy days of all day playing with friends. We continued with Human Fall, Restoration and Eschatology lectures given by Romanian sisters.

On the second day of Workshop our guests received presentation about CARP Membership, about Core Values and Principles of CARP and what it means to become CARP member.

In the ending of the workshop we had the great honor to receive special lecture from our Regional Director, Reverend Jack Corley. He shared about the true value of youth and preciousness of purity and moral values. His speech was very close to our hearts as he talked sincerely from his life experience and guided us with great parental heart.

We were very grateful to have him as special lecturer in our two days’ workshop and we hope to see him again next year.

The guests were grateful to experience our Two Days Divine Principle workshop and expressed their hearts  in their reflections.

“In the two days I felt wonderful. The idea that remained in my mind was ‘Live by God’s words and you will have a beautiful life’. Honestly I am more committed to do good to the world and for myself. I want to inspire others to know the truth and live for the people around them. “Alex (23 years old)

“It was a lovely experience that I am sure I will remember for a long time.

The lectures were eye-opening and really gave me something to think about. Especially I enjoyed the speech of the Continental director because he spoke with us of very relevant things for my present life as a teenager, things that nobody talks about.

Secondly I love how warm and inviting the atmosphere is at CARP.I think it is great to be surrounded by people who are trying to make themselves and the world better. It is like a v=breath of fresh air.

I very much enjoyed these two days and I am sure the things I learned and the relationships I built will remain with me in the future.” Iara (17 years old)

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