Romania: Open HDH Discussion-Life’s Journey


Prepared by FFWPU Romania

First, we want to offer our heart of gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents for their love and guidance, so we could be able to organize this event. Last Friday we had the Open HoonDokHae event, which is organized by our full- time members, and where we could gather few CARP members, but also new guests or young people who already participated in some of our activities. This is a good opportunity to spread good words for the others and keep in touch with the people that already participated to our Workshops about the Divine Principle, continuing to educate them in True Parent’s spirit.

On June 15  2018, our topic for the Open HoonDokHae event was “Life’s journey” and the purpose was to let the participants reflect about their life until now, feel more grateful for everything that they experienced and find determination and hope for the future.

At the beginning each participant shortly introduced himself so we could know each other and create a more open and friendlier atmosphere. Then we divided in eight small groups to read the prepared material, few passages from True Parents words and few other famous authors, about the importance of life, about goals and the best attitude for us to grow and fulfill our dreams. The text was positive and really encouraging for us. So each person could share about what was the most inspiring for him, and we had to also answer few questions about the most important moments in our life and how do we see our future.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly, each person feeling welcomed and appreciated for what he or she is. We really hope that each participant can keep this positive feeling for their lives and in the future make their best decisions centered on true love for.

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