Romania: Asian Culture Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Romania

In the end of 66th 21 Days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo activities in Romania, we organized `Asian Culture Festival` for new guests successfully. A lot of Romanian young people are interested about Asian culture, especially Korea, Japan and China. So we organize this event in order to let Romanian young people understand the spiritual part of Asian Cultures through many cultural activities. The purpose of this event was to let more people to know about CARP activities and at same time to let people know the beauty of Asian culture and philosophies. Our program started with `Welcome Speech` from our national leader, Mr.Jeong. He encouraged us to learn a lot of things from this Asian Culture Festival and emphasized importance of learning from different culture.

The program fallowed with 3 parts, Chinese tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and Korean presentation about culture of HyeoJong. Chinese tea ceremony held by one Moldavian man who studied a lot about Chinese tea and who personally has Tea bar in Romania. He explained about the way to make tea leaves and how Chinese people making teas and tea ceremony.

The Japanese calligraphy was presented by our member. In the end she demonstrated the 3 types of way to write calligraphy.

In the end was very special presentation which given by Korean students who came from SunMoon University as the team of GMP. They presented nicely about `HyeoJong Culture` through teaching Romanian young people about the way of greeting. All the people who participated could feel the beauty of Korean culture, especially about culture and heart of `Filial piety` through learning the traditions and the way of making full bow. In the end they prepared such a beautiful Korean song and they taught us how to sing. And we all sung Korean song `I`m happy` and they show us dance with this.

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