Portugal: One Day Divine Principle Workshop


By Sérgio Neto, FFWPU Portugal

UPF Portugal organized a one day weekend DP workshop, on 23 of June, with the full support and sponsor from  FFWPU Portugal. We had 27 participants, including members and 11 guests, 6 of them were listening Divine Principle contents for the first time.

We had also 2 Peace Ambassadors participating (a Pastor from UPF side and a singer from WFWP side). We had also 2 second generation at CARP age and some other member’s staff

In the morning time the program consisted first in a Video Testimony “Peace King – The True Parents” + “PD Introduction”; “Principles of Creation” and “The Human Fall”.

After we had a wonderful Lunch together and in the afternoon “Mission of Jesus”; “Identity Time and the Second Coming” and at the end “Messiah, True Parents and the meaning of the Blessing”.

The environment was very high with some songs in each beginning step. All the guests were very inspired with the lectures because they felt their so long religious questions clarified.

In the end we explain about the importance of the coming of True Parents and also about the blessing process as the way for them to come to God`s side, free from the original sin and they seemed very positive to that as they shared after.

We plan to do another within 1 month, but until there we will continue with some routine conferences at Saturdays.

God Bless our True Parent`s & True Family works, through all member`s efforts and determination towards Vision 2020.

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