Philippine: 2nd Generation Leadership Training Camp 2018

By Choo Li Julia Nuyana, FFWPU Philippine

As part of its strategy to raise the Blessed Children to become capable leaders for the future, Philippines, one of the key strategic nations conducted a leadership Training Camp held from May 17-31, 2018. A total of 86 Blessed Children from 8 provinces and regions all over the Philippines gathered at the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) in Tanay, Rizal to attend the annual Leadership Training Camp with the theme, “HyoJeong Legacy and the Generation who lived.” Among the participants, were 20 Blessed Children District Leaders, who initiate the BC community building, mobilized and encouraged other BC’s to join the camp.

Spearheaded by the National Blessed Children Committee (NBCC) in the Philippines, the LTC is a 15-day intensive workshop divided into two parts; a 7-day Divine Principle seminar, a 3-day fundraising experience and a 5-day leadership camp. After last year’s LTC which was inspired by the Fast and Furious movie franchise, this year, the camp had its theme revolve around the Harry Potter series. Filled with inspiring lectures, motivational talks, fun team building activities and challenges; this year’s LTC surely made it one for the books  for the BC’s.

The Divine Principle lectures were given by National Leader of Sri Lanka, Mr. Edgar Tanate; President of the NBCC, Victor Rabaño; Special Youth Envoy to the Philippines, Mr. Ronnie Sodusta and one of the lecturers from IPLC, Mr. Earl Baranda. The participants also challenged themselves in a Divine Principle lecture competition and examination after all chapters were discussed.

To finally put their learnings into practice, the BCs went out to experience God’s heart in a fundraising challenge. They were divided into 8 teams, and were led by captains who recently just graduated from the International Leadership Training Program (ILTP). It was a memorable experience for the participants as they shed sweat and tears of joy and realizations of God’s love and suffering.

On the night after their fundraising period, the entire camp enjoyed a scrumptious dinner to celebrate their victorious fundraising activity and the culmination of the part 1 of LTC.

The second part of the camp was filled with talk and lectures that aims to hone the participants’ leadership qualities. Some of the lectures were about the Blessed Children Identity given by Victor Rabaño, Importance of HyoJeong practiced as a whole community by NBCC of Vice President of Internal Affairs, Yie Sun Vergara; Ownership Talk by NBCC Marketing senior officer, Won Joo Maglangit; Importance of Pure Love before receiving the Blessing by NBCC apprentice, Rina Kabayama; Community Building Talk focusing on Home Group system by the Director of Heavenly Tribal Messiah – Asia, Dr. Jaime O. Vergara; and even tips on how to be a successful college student given by special speaker, Ms. Melissa Juantala.

The latter part of the camp was packed with even more intense challenges and activities such as the ‘Dare to Speak’ where participants were trained in extemporaneous speaking. They also had a service clean-up drive in the nearby village, Barangay Sampaloc; a bonfire session one night where they got to know about each other better and hear each other’s stories; and a gala night where outstanding BC leaders where recognized. One of the final activities in the camp was the ‘Wizard Cup’ where teams competed against each other by overcoming a series of obstacles.

The Closing program was held on May 31, 2018 where awards were given to the winners of various competitions, as well as recognizing outstanding participants and achievers during camp. Rev. Julius Malicdem gave the special message congratulating the participants for the efforts and development they have shown and encouraged them to become owners and be more involved in advancing the Providence in their respective regions.

After shouts of eog mansei signaling the conclusion of the camp echoed, BCs were more determined and definitely were victorious making a strong bond as brothers and sisters inspite of the cultural and geographical barriers. They all went home with a determined heart to help their respective communities for advancing Vision 2020, carrying with them the lessons they have learned in the camp to share with other BCs in their areas and to teach to their friends in school.

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