Peru: International Yoga Day 2018

By Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

On June 21 at 7:00 p.m., the Forum “Celebrating the International Yoga Day of the United Nations 2018” was held in the auditorium of the UPF PERU Headquarters, Miraflores, Lima.

Dr. Baltazar Trujillo, Ambassador for Peace, was master of ceremonies.

The meeting began with the video “International Yoga Day UN 2018”, then the former ambassador of Peru and Master of Philosophy and Human Rights Carlos Alberto Yrigoyen gave the lecture “The Magic of Yoga.

Then came the words of Eng. Kishore Gupta, President of the Hindu Geeta Ashram in Peru and ambassador for peace.

Continuing with the program, 12 new ambassadors for peace were appointed, including a former Police General, two University Directors, three lawyers and other outstanding people involved in serving the community. They all received the certificate of UPF ambassadors and a medal with the logo from President Dr. Trevor E. Jones.

The meeting continued with a demonstration of psychophysical gymnastics and asanas by children and adults of the Great Universal Brotherhood -GFU.

In the artistic session continued with the Classical Dance of India-Bharatanatyam was presented by Gopervara and musical presentation by the Peruvian-Greek composer Achileas Moros.

The closing words were given by Dr. Trevor E. Jones who recalled the importance of mediation and prayer, also affirming the importance of the family as the cornerstone of a good society.

In conclusion the guests enjoyed a vegetarian cocktail provided by the Gran Fraternidad.

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