Netherlands: Surprise HTM-Party and Holy Wine Blessing


By Sadikoen and Andrea Wirjoredjo, FFWPU Netherlands

Andrea and I, with the support of my family and tribe, held a surprise party at the 65th birthday of my mother, Toejani Karijopawiro. At the same time we celebrated the 30 years wedding anniversary of Toejani to her Dutch husband Jan Kuik. It all took place in a small town, Dedemsvaart, in the “far east” of the country.

24 couples, 2 singles and 10 children attended the gathering and took the holy Wine. As Jan and Toejanie entered the celebration, they were received with live music by Hans Campman and Eleanor Klerkx from the UC. Also, a second gen Josua Wirjoredjo (10 year) gave a fantastic performance on his violin. accompanied by Hans on the keyboard.

Then I gave the short, vibrant key note speech. I felt free to express clearly and kindly. In front of all my relatives I emphasized the importance of healthy marriage. I used the same motto as in Vienna “Peace Starts with Me”. I could testify freely and openly to the audience about my life with Andrea as a blessed couple of FFWPU, and about the happiness we found. Everyone could feel it.

I mentioned 3 things:

  • We are a family that stands together also in difficult situations.
  • Our goal is world peace
  • Our strategy is unification

After explaining shortly about the Holy Wine/Nectar Andrea and I demonstrated the drinking of the Holy Wine as a couple. Then the audience imitated our example. The Holy Wine was served as juice.

After the official, ceremonial part, the guests were treated to delicious Indonesian food. Finally, our band took over (in which I play the bass guitar). We played Indonesian and Surinam folk- and pop music; the favorite tunes of my mother. The party lasted till midnight. All guests went home with a feeling of happiness and hope.

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