Nepal: 3rd Second Generation Workshop for Goodness Group


Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

With the motto “Becoming Filial children of Heavenly parents and True parents” the 3rd HJ 2nd generation workshop for Goodness Group (age 7-12) has been successfully conducted on the 9th of June, 2018 Saturday in the Peace Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal.

A total of 46 participants, 28 sisters and 12 brothers attended the one day workshop and received special guidance from Mrs.Sarita Dangi and Mr. Bernard Vergara under the topic “Identity and responsibility of 2nd generation” and “Father’s Life course” respectively. More than 50% of the participants were through the HTM and Home Group area.  5 elder 2nd generation volunteered for the workshop while the blessed wives prepared meals for the participants. Besides internal guidance the participants played games and participated in the talent hunt competition on our National leader Rev.Santosh K. Poudel’s request.

“We are children of God and are not born by our own decisions. We cannot change our identity and lineage ourselves. We have responsibility of 2nd generation; being a loving person, truly reflect God by uniting everyone and taking care of nature. I want next workshop to be of 3 days” – Reflection: Shinbi Dangi (Age 11, 2nd Gen)

“Our identity does not come from ourselves but through relationships from people. I like the workshop. I think it would be better if the workshop was made outside Nepal but it is still good. I liked Kuya Bernard’s Lecture the most because he made us laugh and his lecture had more pictures. I pray that the next workshop will be the best.” -Reflection: Binay Gurung (Age 11, 2nd gen)

“Our identity is that we are born from God’s wish, we can’t think that I wanted to be born from other country or place. God chose the place for our birth for some reason. This workshop was very inspiring. Sarita Aunty and Bernard Uncle taught us. I learned many things from this workshop because I can’t attend Saturday Service because I have to go to school. So his workshop was very helpful. I learned many things about 2nd generation responsibility and Father’s life course.” -Reflection: Biraj Shohie Neupane (Age 11, 2nd gen)

The workshop was a great success. In charge of the 2nd gen department Nepal Mrs. Usha Maya Giri worked really hard for this workshop along with Mrs.Sarita Dangi, the main lecturer, blessed wives and elder 2nd gen. The parents said that they could really see their child’s behavior change after the workshop. We are planning on organizing workshops outside the capital as much as we can.


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