Lithuania: Family Festival in Vilnius


Prepared by FFWPU Lithuania

On June 9, in Vilnius, the first Family Festival took place, for which we had a goal to bless 12 couples. We tried to invite married couples to a blessing, their acquaintances and just people from the street. We had little time for preparation and it was very difficult for everyone to believe in any success, but one thing we knew for sure that we will go to the end.

Finally, there was no couples to Blessing but we had five guests: friends and neighbors of our members, classmates of elder Second Generation children. Symbolicaly we held all the ceremonies with our three families. Mainly we did it for the spiritual world, and along the program we felt that atmosphere started to change.

As a result, we had good conversation with one guest who agreed to listen to the Divine Principle. This is the success of our first festival. We will prepare and move on to truly win.

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