Italy: True Love and Family Festival


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

On the 17th of June 2018, it was held a True Love and Family Festival in Rome, Colle Mattia. More than 25 guests and 30 members participated, 4 couples received the Blessing.

The day started in the morning with few songs offered by the Naoko Soul Duo band, who created the right atmosphere to begin with the ceremony. The welcoming message was given by the MC and local pastor Carmine Natale, who spoke about the importance of having cohesive and united family, not only for the sake of the couple, but also for the sake of the children and of those who surround us. The main speech and the Blessing were led by Giuseppe and Elisabetta Calì. Giuseppe talked about the importance of loving and feeling loved in order to reach “spiritual health” and express that human potential that we were given of. An explanation on the meaning of the Blessing, Holy Wine and water followed. The ceremony was concluded with a congratulation speech given by doctor Evaldo Cavallaro, then the couples received their certificates and a gift made of origami. After the cake cutting and few more songs from the band (particularly successful was the song “Happy Day”) the second part of the day started.

We had lunch in the garden, so everyone could enjoy the beauty of nature, and keep talking in a more informal way about family, blessing, and future plans. After lunch the band sang more songs closing the event in the most harmoniously and beautiful way.

The day was very enjoyable, both for members and guests, so we are happy to announce that another successful event just concluded today. The Providence of Tribal messiahs and Blessing is constantly continuing in Italy and the spirit of our beloved True Parents giving new life to more and more people.

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