Italy: The Power of Forgiveness


By Sergio Coscia, FFWPU Italy (June 16, 2018)

Since we started our project that we named “Our Life Together”, we have had different meetings on various, meaningful topics: how to create a strong foundation within the couple, communication, conflict resolution. But the evening we spent together on Saturday, June 16th was really special.

Of course, forgiveness is especially important: we all have something to be forgiven, as well as something to forgive… How to do this within the most intimate relationship, the one between husband and wife? We need courage, commitment, a strong will, and every day we should be able to make the choice to forgive something. But first of all we should open our hearts to God, and allow the spirit of our Heavenly Parent to dwell in our relationship.

With this spirit, the 8 participant couples could truly feel the presence of Heaven. For some, this event was a unique and touching sign; one couple was invited on the same day and, at the end of the meeting testified in tears how for the first time after many months they felt true spirituality and a great hope for their future.

Our workshop is planned and organized together with Franz and Patrizia Kerschbaummayr, of the National Department in support of couples and families within the Family Federation, and it is open to couples of every faith, married or living together, or engaged and preparing to get married.

Its aim is to offer an opportunity to strengthen the relationship within the couple, and dedicate special time to each other; at the same time, we want to offer an opportunity to understand the value of the Cosmic and Interreligious Blessing that the Family Federation wishes to extend to all couples.

It is also a pleasant evening to spend together, enjoying dinner and meeting other couples who can help and be a source of inspiration and support.

We would like to encourage to pay special attention to the couple, man and wife together, the core of the family that God intended from the beginning of Creation. Don’t miss a chance to organize similar projects everywhere!

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