Italy: Celebration for the 1st Baby born in the Year Little Ambassador for Peace


By Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP Italy (City hall Campidoglio Rome, Italy, June 1, 2018)

Since already 15 years WFWP is celebrating the first baby born in Italy with Award of LITTLE MBASSADOR OF PEACE, to emphasize the role of the family, wishing him to become in the future a model citizen and have a blessed life.

The 1° baby this year was born in Italy from a Filipino couple living in Rome. The City Mayor could not have participated but send on her behalf Dotsa Gemma Guerrini, President of Commission of the Elected, that gave a very nice speech about the history of Rome as a city open to welcome different culture and tradition. Several leaders of Filipino Communities, participated and gave very nice welcome remarks, wishing to continue a deep collaboration with WFWP.

The Consul of Congo Christelle Ollandet, express the important of family’s role in society and that family must be protected so that children can receive all the care and love they need. WFWP President Flora Grassivaro welcomed all the guests and read the message from On. Zanonato and reported the wishes from the President of Senate Elisabetta Casellati. Elisabetta Nistri reported about the lasts activities in Rome and WFWP’s purpose.


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