Fiji: 2-Day Blessing Workshop


by Andrew Halim, FFWPU Fiji

An impromptu 2-Day Level 2 Blessing Workshop was initiated by Mrs Ursula McLackland, Head of Blessed Family Department (BFD) Asia in Suva, Fiji from the 6th to the 8th of June, 2018. It was attended by two participants from Fiji and one from Solomon Islands as part of their preparations to be matched and receive the blessing given by our beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The workshop had the privilege of receiving lectures given by five renowned speakers from Asia Pacific region: Mr David McLackland, Director of Education for Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Indonesia; Mrs Ursula McLackland herself, Rev Shang Seon Park, Regional Leader of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) Oceania; Dr Robert Kittel, President of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) International; and Rev Gregory Stone, Secretary-General of UPF Oceania. It was completed successfully, with each participant expressing their utmost gratitude at the end of the workshop as they seriously embark upon the path to be matched and eventually blessed.

The workshop was hosted by Mr Andrew Halim, full-time staff of FFWPU New Zealand, as the MC. It was opened by Mrs McLackland and followed afterward by her husband who gave a talk on “Creating a Legacy of True Love.” He presented various facts on romantic love and marriages promoted by the secular world, which are self-centred in nature and break apart easily. He instead encouraged the participants to develop and mature selfless and unconditional true love before committing to be matched as the resulting lineage will be determined by the kind of love that will be invested in the eventual blessing.

The next segment was given by Rev Gregory Stone and Mrs Ursula McLackland who in turn gave historical presentations on key points of the providence of restoration which eventually led to the birth of True Parents. These exemplify God’s efforts to work with central figures throughout thousands of years of history in order to finally allow the blessing to be given by True Parents at the present time, highlighting its value and importance to be kept at all cost after it is received by the participants eventually. It was followed by a presentation of the international guidelines on 1st Generation members’ matching process, given by none other than Mrs McLackland herself.


The second day of the workshop was started by Dr Robert Kittel, who gave back-to-back in-depth presentations of the Divine Principle centring on purity education in preparation of the blessing. He presented many supporting biblical verses in order to confirm the importance of the original blessing given by to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the resulting realms of love that should have naturally developed. He also touched on the parable given by Jesus on Jesus’ own supposed marriage. Through elucidating these important passages in the Bible, Dr Kittel emphasized purity and marriage as the most important gift given by God to mankind which will enable God’s kingdom to manifest substantially on earth through the natural progression of true love.

The workshop was then followed by another presentation given by Rev Stone on True Family Movement, where he explained that the blessing is but the beginning of many more to come in the process of creating an ideal environment. There is a stark reality of decayed morality around us which often begs the question how things have degraded so quickly and so much. Last but not least, Rev Shang Seon Park gave a talk on the importance of humility and the value of the blessing as the salvation given to mankind in the last days. There was also a brief exercise and reflection where the participants are encouraged to write a letter to their future spouse and their own reflections of the workshop. Rev Santosh Neupane, National Leader of FFWPU Fiji, closed the workshop with a sharing on True Mother’s four important messages that he has embedded deeply within himself.

As the blessing workshop comes to an end, there was gratitude flowing from all the participants through their reflections. Surely, the seed that has been planted during this precious time in Fiji will grow to become trees of life that will bear many good fruits in the times to come.

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