Europe: Parents Matching Convocation


By Dr David Hanna, FFWPU Europe

We just held a Parents Matching Convocation in Camberg, Germany (25-27 May). Around forty-six parents attended. Certain Eastern European countries have, for the first time, children that are approaching matching age. This meant we had quite a number of parents attend who had never been to a convocation before. First-timers made up the largest group, which was refreshing!

The staff team included matching supporters, Jane Toresen and Heidi Mayr, additional lecturers in Geros Kunkel and David Hanna, and Orlande Schenk helping with various talks.

Margaret Staudinger did much of the organization in respect of setting up rooms and assigning accommodation and other staff prepared all the candidates’ profiles that get displayed in the ‘profile room’. This time we had many profiles from South America.

It can be that people find a match for their son or daughter directly through the convocation, but even if they don’t, we recognize that attendance makes a strong declaration to the spiritual world that you are looking in earnest, and it puts parents into a proactive and well informed mode. This time we added more opportunities for generating spirit

– with unison prayer each evening and a closing session at the Camberg Holy Ground.

The convocation is designed to offer help to parents in matching their children. Testimonies are always helpful and on the Saturday night Heidi Mayr was interviewed to give a parent’s perspective and Dominique Claus, from Giessen, gave highly informative responses to questions that revealed her experience as a matched and blessed member of the second generation.

Once again, Camberg proved to be a glorious place in the radiant sunshine and Tomomi-san and her team of kitchen staff fed everybody so well. The feedback was very positive overall

– with a few helpful suggestions, which are always welcome.

The next BFED event will be a Blessing Preparation Workshop in Finland (7-10 June) – all available places are taken, we’re afraid. The date is set for this year’s cosmic blessing – August 27 – we encourage any matched couples intending to go to Korea to sign up as soon as you can be using the online registration system.

The link or this is in the memo sent out from the European Office on 30 May.

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