Dominican Republic: Divine Principle Workshop


by Jake Laviña, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On June 2-3, 2018, CARP Dominican Republic conducted 2 Day Divine Principle Workshop at Bonao with the theme “Inheriting the True Love Of God. Finding your purpose; Changing Lives”. 34 Young CARP members participated in this workshop.

The program started by giving orientation to all the participants and followed by Opening Ceremony. Rev. Dae Hee Hong gave the powerful message encouraging all the Participants to really understand the principle. Mr. Luis Zapata the CARP Center Leader of Sto Domingo gave the CARP presentation to promote CARP activities and programs.

On the First day, the lectures were divided into two groups. One is the Divine Principle Lecture for the new guest given by Sr. Bernardo Cruz. The other one is also Divine Principle Lecture but it was explained in a deeper way given by Sr. Cesar Regalado. At Night, all the participants gathered together with the Bonfire and gave their sharing about their life and about the Principle. On the Second Day, we started the workshop by attending Hoon Duk Hae together.

After the Breakfast, we proceeded to the second part of the Lecture. We concluded the workshop by going to the river and enjoying the Nature. Everyone is happy to be part of this workshop and going back to their home with a new understanding of the Principle. We do believe that by educating our young members centering on the Principle, we can raise them to become the hope of this nation and most of all Hope of God and True Parents.

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