Dominican Republic: 4-Day Divine Principle Workshop

by Jake Laviña, CARP Dominican Republic

On June 20-23, 2018, CARP Dominican Republic conducted 4-day Divine Principle Workshop at the CARP Center Santo Domingo for the new guest lead by Mr. Jake Lavina (CARP President of DR). There are 12 new members, 2 2nd generations, for 4 active members and 6 fulltime members participated in this workshop for a total of 24 participants. This is the very first time we conducted the workshop at CARP Center. We have following goals in conducting this workshop.

First, we want to spread the teaching of True Parents by sharing the principle to every participant. Next is to help our active members to understand the value of Divine Principle workshop by giving them the responsibility as team leaders. Moreover, we want to raise our 2nd generation and CARP fulltime me be to be the owner of CARP by teaching them how to conduct the workshop.

Lastly, we want all the participant to love this CARP Center and make this place a place of learning God and True Parents words, applying the principle and inheriting their hearts by embracing this place and making more workshops, activities, and program here in Santo Domingo.

During this 4-days workshop, we divided the whole chapter of divine principle into 12 lectures. Every lecture has question and answer right after the lecture and followed by group sharing. We also teach them 3 holy songs, CARP dance, and True Parents basic tradition such as Hoon Duk Hae and closing prayer. Moreover, we also put some sports and games to balance the activity.

Overall, everyone is happy to be part of this workshop. We do believe that this workshop helped our participants to be closer to God by sharing the principle and True Parents Tradition. We are very determined to do our best to continue to share the principle, educate our young people and raise them to become the hope of God and True Parents.

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