Croatia: Lecture in Public Library

Prepared by FFWPU Croatia

Tribunal for Culture and Science Collegium Hergešić invited Mrs. Baek Ji Suk, National Leader of Croatia, to present her work of art on June 6, 2018 at the public library in the very center of Zagreb. Using this chance, she added presentation about UPF, FFWPU in the end. The aim was  to find qualified people for UPF and some for FFWPU. Because of work and life style of Mrs. Baek and her family it was natural to present about FFWPU and UPF along with.

Mrs. Baek presented several project such as Art camp Croatia, Pure Love education, Peace Road, Education of young leaders (STF) and Peace and Family Festival in Vienna. There were not many guest but one couple who gave their contact were pretty impressed by content Organizer of Tribinal wants Mrs. Ji Suk Baek to repeat the presentation once more, they found the presentation is worth to have more numbers of public.

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