Congo Brazzaville: Teaching Divine Principle at the School

Prepared by Sook Ja GAMA SASAKI, FFWPU Congo

My name is Sook Ja Gama Sasaki. I am a second generation from Congo Brazzaville in Terminale class at the Scientific High School of Excellence. The school year is nearing its end and students are becoming more and more focused on the preparation of the Baccalaureate. As the daughter of Our True Mother Hak Ja Han, I thought of talking about True Parents to my high school friends. 35 were registered, only 20 answered present including 15 girls and 5 boys.

During this seminar, we had to present and explain the three main essential parts of the Divine Principle with Supporting Comments. I myself wrote the Principle on the board. the participants were very affected especially the young ladies. the fall was taught with a heart of pain, sadness … and a terrible determination. this chapter was really supported so much that the participants were all interested because it is the problem that is more common in this fallen world. There were some who shed tears throughout this chapter. While some were sincerely repenting, others were making resolutions “oh, glory to the Heavenly Parent”.

There were several religions, Christians, Muslims, Kimbanguists who were teaching the Divine Principle. They have all been active, interested and willing to discover even more chapters of the Divine Principle. I let them know that the True Mother is the ynic daughter of God with clear and precise justifications. They thanked the True Father for writing the Divine Principle. They also received a presentation of YSP.

Organizing this seminar was not easy but rather very hard. The seminar was postponed twice with a lot of trouble. But with hope, determination, this seminar came true and it was a victory for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Despite the criticism of some friends.

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