Congo Brazzaville: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing


by Achille Mouanda, FFWPU Congo Brazzaville

Heavenly tribal messiahs are testifying to True Parents and their teaching in neighborhoods, churches and villages. So we were able to hold several seminars and series of education workshops and blessings.

Usually Couples after receiving the blessing will be followed up by education programs. And so they learn about the tradition of our movement and step by step becoming the blessed families.

On the other hand, with the idea of preparing to launch the IAPD, we held a special seminar for priests which was led by Bishop Emmanuel DICKA, who is an ambassador for peace and did his 21-day seminar in Benin and his 40 days in Korea.

During this seminar we had lectures on the Divine Principle and the value of the Blessing by the National Leader, Rev. Norbert NDIELLE.

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