Brazil: True Family Movement

Prepared by UPF Brazil

UPF Brazil held a beautiful event with the True Family Movement on June 9, 2018 at the Campo Grande City Hall in the Plenary Olívia Enciso, attended by 300 people from authorities and other members of society. Four speakers defended family values: Fr. Hae Ung Jang, Bishop Dom Altamiro of the Anglican Catholic Church, Mario Marcos and Robson Perca. The songs appreciated by the public were sung by Banda Transformados Music and the pair Priscila and Brenda.

The aim of this event was to promote a culture of peace, involving all segments of society centered on true family values. Thus, building on family, expanding into society, government, religion, business, academic institutions, media, arts and sports. On occasion, several Ambassadors of Peace graduated from various areas of society and also awarded the medals and awards of the finalists of the 10th Indigenous King of Peace Cup.

18 Ambassadors of Peace were honored: the Councilors of Campo Grande MS Roberto Santana dos Santos (Betinho), Dr. Lívio Viana de Oliveira Leite and the Councilor of Rochedo MS Antonia Francisca Borges, State Representative Oswaldo Mochi Junior represented by Marcos Rodrigues, CEO Francisco Maia, Attorney Dr. Ritva Vieira and Attorney Dr. Aires Gonçalves, Juari Lopes Pinto Superintendent of Education of SED / MS, Paulo Rios Júnior Regional Coordinator of Funai, Ronaldo Alves de Carvalho Captain of the Brazilian Army, Eliane Gomes dos Passos of the Project 10 minutes with God, Juliana Rocha Pequeno Social Assistance Ponta Porã MS, Luiz Felipe Barbosa Mendes President of Bairro Santa Carmélia, Vanesca Duarte Ribeiro Cultural Activist and Politics of the Roma people, Father Olívio Mangolim ICA, Pastor Elias Borges Assembly of God, Pastor Moisés Teixeira Uniedas Indigenous Church, Pastor Gabriel Pigosso Ribeiro de Sidrolândia.

The main message of the event was the words of the speech given by Rev. Moon and Wife Hak Ja Han Moon at the inauguration of the UPF on 05/12/2005 at the Lincon Center in the USA.

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