Brazil: Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace

Prepared by UPF/CARP Brazil

The Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace Brazil was held on June 23, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the theme “Rooting the culture of Hyo Jeong through becoming one with True Parents”. The Inauguration was participated by a total of more than 400 participants. CARP Brazil, SungHwa, True Love Day greatly made a huge participation in the program together with the other youth and students leaders in Brazil.

Rev. Kwun In Soung, the Special Emissary of Youth and CARP in Brazil and South America gave an inspirational message and led the appointment of the new leaders of YSP Brazil. Danilo Correa was appointed as the YSP Brazil President, Giovanni Deguinon was appointed as the YSP Brazil Vice-President and Jocelyn Lepelletier as the YSP Brazil General Secretary.

The Inauguration was empowered by marvelous performances of CARP Brazil, SungHwa and True Love Day youth members that express such intense power of hope in the future. The Inauguration of YSP Brazil was a huge success that become a great foundation for the upcoming Inauguration of YSP Latin America this August 3, 2018.


Through this YSP event I could feel the union of all young people for the same goal that is peace. Now with the inauguration of the YSP, we are going to change Brazil, because we are the future of the nation. We must determine to have a vertical heart with God and True Parents. Victoria Chong Hwa Azevedo (SungHwa Student)

The Inauguration of YSP was very inspiring because we can see how much is being invested in the young, which makes us calculate the importance of our responsibility to providence. The event was also very entertaining, in which CARP and Sunghwa were able to demonstrate their efforts and skills through singing and dancing. Talayta Mariana Silva Ribeiro CARP Full Time

I really enjoyed the YSP inauguration, in which I could help in the preparation, as a staff. Many members of Full Time, CARP, Sunghwa and others have attended this event to True Parents. And in this moment of the event we really felt good because everybody could enjoy the event, and this is only the beginning, we will make more efforts to serve true parents and heavenly parents, especially in this great moment that True Mother will come to Brazil. Martin De Yang Churata Garcia CARP University

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