Austria: 1- Day Divine Principle Workshop


By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

A 1 day divine principle workshop was held in Vienna on Saturday, May 26th. It was organized by the remaining youth missionaries of GMP (Global Missionary Program) from Sun Moon University, together with the Austrian CARP members.

We were so happy to welcome 25 guests to the workshop, which had been prepared in every detail by the young 2nd gens.

In the morning the providential organisations CARP, Family Federation and UPF were presented by Akio F., Elisabeth C. and Peter Haider. In the afternoon 2 DP lectures, covering the first chapter of the DP, were taught by Dr. Wolfgang Czerny. After each lecture there was time to discuss the content of the lecture. This gave us the possibility to understand our guests’ situation. Most of them come from Muslim or atheist background, so we have to make great effort to help them understand God’s word.

Also the staff prepared songs and games and good meals so that the guests could spend the day in a beautiful family atmosphere. Most of them expressed that they want to come to the next workshop.

I was most moved by the young 2nd gens’ sincere efforts to care for the guests, and together with other members of the parents’ generation we are happy to support them.

During the week the missionaries of GMP meet with guests in order to study the Divine Principle one-to-one and to deepen the relationships to the guests. Today a schedule was made to do the studies together with local members of the Vienna community.


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