Armenia: Peace Blessing Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Armenia

On May 27, 2018 we held in the beautiful countryside near City Hanqavan a Family Blessing Festival. We rent entire sanatorium complex with event hall, and other facility. About 150 people participated including about 40 children. Mr.& Mrs. Kral arrived on 24 May and fully supported as to organize this event. Participants are our family relative, friends and relatives. Also Armen and Larisa Yepremyan invited they parents and relative. It was also some guest invaded by our PMC who get Blessing in last Blessing. Our VIP AFP former vice- minister of Coulter and sport Mr. Azizyan also participated together with his wife and son. His son perform a beautiful song which was wormy welcomed by all participants.

Also another AFP a School Director Mrs. Nune Manukyan also participated together with family member. Her Daughter with husband get Blessing this time. They also perform a beautiful song in beginning and in the end. Totally 21 Couples get Blessing. Beside this 21 couples we decided to give Holly wine and Blessing to 6 women’s whose husband’s in spiritual world. We still need to make clear can we consider them as Blessed couples. If yes so total couples will be 27.

Our Goal was 36 Couples, but we could not rich to what numbers. We are very sorry for it and promise to continue our effort to bring as much as possible more couples to our next Blessing Festival which we plan in the middle of summer. The atmosphere of event was so high and many peoples expressed they gratitude for invitation, and promised to come to our events with friend and relatives. We also honored several couples as recognition for the exemplary life or just encourage them. There was a couple who last December celebrated 50 year anniversary of marriage.

It was very emotional for them to be recognized and honored by what much people. Program start with songs presented by a couple who are professional Band named DOGMA, they also participated as PMC candidate. After this we gave gifts to several couples. After Mr. Kral give a speech, and after I make a presentation. We had a Holly wine, holly water, and pledge and declaration sections. We finish with a beautiful songs presented by Ambassadors for Peace son, and DOGMA band. In the second part we have a wonderful banquet with all elements of Armenian hospitality.

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