Angola: Liberation Ceremony for the Historical Figures


Prepared by FFWPU Angola

On June 17, 2018 we held a ceremony of liberation and prayer for the historical figures of Angola and Africa in the areas of religious, political, military and cultural for the mobilization of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs for the establishment of the ideal of universal peace. This event took place in Luanda with 102 participants.

Our country was under Portugal colonization during almost five centuries and later on November, 11, 1975 Angola became an independent country.

Unfortunately, after the independence, the country was controlled by the communist regime and for three decades’ civil war between brothers our people experienced so much bloodshed. Many people lost their lives during this bloody period which the conse

quences directly or indirectly still even though, the country was living in peace during last 17 years.


For this special event, leader and members went through a 40-day special condition bowing and prayer. We tried to focused on to historical people who passed into spiritual world from the areas of religious, politic, military and culture. At the same time, we wanted to include those FFWPU members who passed into spiritual world till now.

the liberation and mobilization of these figures in spirit world will make easier our spiritual activities and help us to control everything in our daily activities.

Rev. Pedro Kinambuta and his wife, officiated the special spiritual ceremony of liberation and mobilization of historical figures.

The Resolution After This Special Ceremony was

  • To expand the heavenly tribe messiah at national territory Level;
  • To contact if possible some family members of these historical figures of the country for witness purpose;
  • Encourage our members to understand deeply about the importance of this period based on our true mother;
  • Continue to pray deeply for the historical figures of the country and for their families or for their followers for especially religious and political persons.

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