Albania: Peace Starts with Me – Activity at Students Dormitory


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

Inspired by the visit and words of our True Mother, at the beautiful event in Vienna “Peace Starts with Me”, a recently blessed couple, Agim & Hava Brami, wanted to spread the message of Peace and True Mother’s words. Mrs. Hava is working at students’ dormitories in Tirana, and she has daily connections with young people.

With the great desire to connect these youngsters to the vision and mission of FFWPU and UPF, she started to discuss and explain firstly to the director of the dormitories. In a short time, after deciding the date and the place, we organized a beautiful event in the main studying hall of the dormitories on May 28, 2018. More than 100 students gathered to listen at the CARP and FFWPU introduction, which was given by our National Leader, Mr. Gani Rroshi.

The director of the dormitories, Mrs. Zhanina Dapi, supported all this cooperation and she also gave a congratulatory speech. After the event she asked us to extend this cooperation with other dormitories around the campus. And in the same time, we have decided to create a more stable and clear program for the next academic year, starting from October 2018.


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