Albania: Live CARP Culture & CARP Club


Prepared by FFWPU Albania (June 8th 2018) 

This project called “Live CARP Culture” is a cooperation between our CARP Center in New Tirana area with the European University of Tirana which is one of the best private universities in Albania.

In the beginning it was a desire of one of our members, Mikaela Llalla, who is one of the best students at this university to start to give lectures to other students. After some time, with the support of all the members of our community, this cooperation took the form of a project and of CARP Club.

This was a 4 weeks project composed by 4 meeting with the best students. The focus of the project was to create for the first time at a university in Albania the CARP Club and in the same time to give presentations about Character Education Lectures and Divine Principle. Since it is not easy in our country to speak about God and to explain about God into schools, we had to find a more social way to introduce some of the core principles to the auditorium.

By developing CARP Club, we want to massively witness to the students and we want to find a way to invite them in our workshops, or even organize a full workshop within the university. By building a good image and by sharing True Parents’ ideology we already have the contacts of over 200 students who participated in these 4 meetings. With some of them, we have a closer relationship and a bigger possibility to deeply introduce Divine Principle.

Six the students expressed their desire to be part of the “Peace Starts with Me” event which took place last month in Vienna. They traveled together with all the members by bus, and their feedback was very positive.

We are now planning a more stable and fruitful cooperation for the next academic year with this University.

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