Albania: 4 Days Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

During May 24th – 27th 2018, a beautiful 4 days Divine Principle Workshop for new guests, was organized in our National Workshop Center. The title of the workshop was: “Love God, Love People, Love Nation”. 40 youngsters participated this seminar.

Coordinated by Mrs. Savjola Konja and moderated by Ardit Matraku, Mikaela Llalla and Mirlinda Kutleshi the workshop started with “ice braking games”. By getting to know each other, all the participants from all over Albania and Kosovo, could start to feel as in their own families. After having dinner and receiving the first lecture we divided the participants into five families with 8 members and let them choose randomly one of the names: fire, earth, water, air, metal.

All participants did exercises and sang the national hymn every morning, so that their young spirit could be encouraged to live an active style of live and their love for the nation could be inspired even more.

Morning inspirations given by the coordinator and Mr. Ermir Hoxha, were organized focused in understanding and practically applying Divine Principle in daily life in Work Shop and also in the future.

Divine Principle lectures were given by the lecturers who gave their best for the guests to understand the wonderful truth of the Divine Principle: Miss. Anila Muçaj, Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, Mr. Bujar Azizi, Mr. Lubin Argjir, Mrs. Majlinda Ziko, Rev. Shin and Mrs. Savjola Konja. They used different methodologies like PowerPoint presentations, interaction, videos, to show professionalism, but apart this they tried to connect to the participants with a parental heart, giving not only information but trying to convey God’s love, principles and advises for life.

Most of the participants could relate very well to the lectures, especially the word of Rev. Shin. Some of them had different questions that they did during an “Questioning and Answering” evening session held to support their understanding. The ones who listened for the first time in the workshop the news about True Parents were surprised, and together with the ones who had received it once in the centers were inspired by Their life and word.

Some of the participants were doing devotion to God in a Muslim way, by keeping fasting since it was the month of Ramadan, so the staff of the kitchen took a special care for them.

A special team was assigned for the program outside lectures and entertainment composed by Anila Muçaj, Sulgen Avdullai and Labinot Pacolli. Supported by MC they did a very good work organizing games, discussions on special topics that related to the Devine Principle and the development of our homeland, preparing the Workshop Got Talents that ended up in becoming a real show. The main goal of this program was to secure the right conditions so that the guest could relate more to each-other by doing team work; could relate more to the lectures and understand them deeper by connecting them to the situation in their country; and also create good memories.

This goal was fully achieved and the reaction was very good. This workshop finished successfully, creating a family atmosphere for all the guests, thanks to all Albanian brothers and sisters, to STF, to Japanese and Korean Cheon Il Guk missionaries that invested wholeheartedly as staff in different responsibilities. Some of them started the preparations for the WS two week earlier like the MC team, and Entertainment Team.

Before the WS started was held a meeting with the staff where the coordinator gave a presentation on the responsibilities and the spirit each one should have in fulfilling them. In the morning, before starting WS activities, we gathered to open the day in the prayer room and closed it together in the evening after sharing. This created a wonderful spirit of team work and also a special Heavenly Spiritual atmosphere. In the end of the WS we gathered to offer with a prayer to God all our investment and our hearts and also to pray for all the participants. Thank you all!!!


  • “When I first heard about the workshop I was skeptical, and in the first day I felt really strange. I was only looking at the others and couldn’t understand anything. But the team work, “the family” melted every ice… Very important in this workshop was to feel the presence of God, and I can say with all my heart that: ‘Yes, He was with us.”
  • “I liked all the lectures especially I appreciate the ones given by Rev. Shin. Because there were not so many people, I had the possibility to get to know and love everyone.”

We pray deeply to work harder in the future in order to bring more victorious results to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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