2018 Special Hyojeong Assembly of African Leaders


Prepared by FFWPU Africa

From May 27 to June 3rd 2018, FFWPU International HQ, convened an Assembly for Heavenly Africa’s Leaders. A total of 106 leaders from 37 nations took part in the Assembly, including the national leaders, UPF Secretary General and Youth leaders. Leaders were invited to reflect upon the results after World Summit in Dakar and envision next steps.

May 27 to 28 was the arrival date, majority of leaders arrived at the education center where orientation was given.

On 29 of May, the opening ceremony was held in the conference room of IRIS in Toubab Dialaw area, at 30 mn from the airport, where the Assembly was to take place. It was presided by the Heavenly Africa Group (HAG) Chairman, Reverend Bakary Camara and the Special Emissary Mrs Katherine Rigney.

Reverend Camara offered the congratulatory remarks. He stressed on leaders work that brought the victory of Summit and pointed out that total unity with True Mother will always bring victory. Closing his speech, he introduced Africa Special Emissary.

In her opening address, Mrs. Rigney explained what the assembly stands for: bringing together Africa leaders to share True Mother vision, good practices and outcome, and future focuses. Her speech leads to understand that Africa Summit, in Senegal, was a landmark for a new history in Africa and the world. She testified about the miracles occurring here and there in Africa Countries, since the summit, she called emerging countries, where Head of States are eager to meet True Parents representatives. More than all, she helped leaders understand True Mother total unity with True Father and her unique wisdom and sense in taking unprecedented initiatives. The opening ceremony concluded with a commemorative photo.

In the morning May 30, leaders of Congo testified about his HTM activities in which he could experience miracles and blessing, then the national leaders of Tanzania and Liberia testified about the total commitment of MPs who attended the Summit and ILC in Korea and how they have set appointment with the Head of State for True Mother secretariat.

Following these national leaders, UPF Africa staff members, the Secretary General, Ambassador Adama Doumbia and his deputy, Doctor Paterne Zinsou testified about tours to prepare appointments with Heads of State for international HQ. All testimonies were so uplifting.

In the evening, Reverend Camara presented the organization chart of Africa Group and introduced the Regional Presidents of the 5 regions.

On May 31st , Reverend Sasaki Tatsuo made a comparative presentation for the Bible and the Quran for leaders to understand how to deal with Christians and Muslims.

After the one-hour presentation of Reverend Sasaki and a 21mn break, Reverend Camara was called to give a presentation on life of faith based on thru father words by giving practical examples from his own life experience. Time to time challenging leaders to resemble True Parents absolutely and take a life or death resolution in attending True Mother.

On the 1st of June, two addresses were given, Reverend Robert Williamson, regional president to southern Africa, gave a presentation on Time Management and elder brother Gueye Mamadou gave his testimony about Mandela Mandela, grandson of Late president of South Africa Mandela, who have decided to invite True Mother in south Africa for a Summit in November 2018.

The 2nd of June, at 10 AM, True Parents representatives Dr. Yun, Rev. Bang and Mr. Suh arrived at the venue. The participants warmly welcomed them. After flowers offering, Dr. Yun was introduced and came on the stage.

Dr. Yun gave a clear explanation about True Mother vision going through all victories accomplished since she launched Vison 2020. The reflections of leaders after the departure of Dr. Yun show clearly the sense of responsibility, the hope and gratitude to True Mother.  All are determined to overcome any circumstances and reach out the Head of States of their respective nations.

In the morning, on 3 May 2018, Rev. Bang presented the world mission strategic center activities and prospects for vision 2020.

At 12:00 AM, Leaders joined the International Staff at the luncheon offered by True Mother in King FAHD Hotel in Dakar. The ceremony was very warm celebration and full of love. During the lunch, “second generation” performed leading everybody to sing and dance.

Four Oek Mangsae concluded the luncheon.

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