2018 Rally for the Liberation of Patriotic Martyrs and Determination for North-South Unification


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

Today’s Rally for the Liberation of Patriotic Martyrs and Determination for North-South Unification was organized and attended by the members of sub-region 1 (one of the five sub-regions in Korea) – that is, the cities of Seoul and Incheon, but still drew a capacity crowd of ten thousand at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Seorak, Korea. The following brief account covers the main aspects of the program including testimony by third-generation students and parts of Mother’s speech.

The event’s opening was graced by classical entertainment, most memorable among which was a group of middle-aged North Korean ladies, who had at one time or another made their way to the south. Their leader spoke movingly, in tears, about the suffering caused by the division of the country and of the people from each other.

The MC (Moon Sang-pil, CARP leader for Korea) welcomed everyone and emphasized that people around Korea and the world were participating.

There followed a brief yet poignant Blessing Ceremony officiated by Rev. Ju Jin-tae, regional leader of sub-region 1, and his wife.

Hyojeong Offering Papers were then brought before the altar of God and dedicated to the liberation of patriotic martyrs of Korea.

All present then offered a thirty-minute Chanyang session, led by the staff of the Cheongpyeong Training Center, for spiritual purification and the liberation of anguished spirits.

A video presentation was then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem. A young 3rd generation member then read a prayer for the liberation of Korean martyrs. She prayed “that we can all join in devotion for the liberation of North and South Korea, and realize the dream of establishing God’s nation. …and that we can grow into global peace-loving citizens with a common heart for peace.”

Invited guests were then introduced, and they included four congressmen. Most of the congratulatory messages sent by a large number of politicians on both national and provincial levels (including, for example, the Speaker of the National Assembly the Chairman of the Seoul City Council) had to be left out due to considerations of time.

Eight religious leaders then took to the stage to offer prayers for peaceful reunification of Korea. The final prayer was the “declaration to heaven” – a prayer of liberation for the spirits of the martyrs – was offered by Korean FFWPU president Lee Gi-seong. [Interpreter’s translation follows:]

Dearest and Most Precious Heavenly Parent! Beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind!

Today, on the 11th day of the 5th month in the 6th year of Cheon Il Guk, June 24, we are hosting the 2018 Liberation of Patriotic Martyrs & Determination Rally for the Unification of North-South Korea today at Cheongshim Peace World Center.

Dearest and Most Precious Heavenly Parent!

The Korean people followed a path of blood, sweat and tears for about 5,000 years and became a people that could understand your sorrowful heart. On the foundation of having established the values of loyalty, filial piety, and virtuousness, you victoriously paid all indemnity for restoration on a people’s level. And now 68 years has passed ever since the whole of Korea was covered in blood from the Korean War, the final battle place between God’s side and Satan’s.

Beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind!

This was no tragedy resulting from a simple fratricidal war but a providential holy frontline to liberate the returning Messiah, to protect Your only begotten daughter, whom you could establish in 6,000 years, and for the emergence of the True Parents of humanity. Yet, there are still many souls who have not been able to rest, roaming around the nation weeping sorrowfully. Hence, I pray that you may liberate them through the authority of the Emperor of Absolute Victory over the whole and the True Emperor of Cheon Il Guk with Holiness and Virtue so that they can all shout for the eternal reign of peace in the eternal spiritual world.

Beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind!

All blessed families and peace ambassadors of Sub-Region 1 prepared for this rally in all devotion. Hence, I pray that you may bestow your grace of liberation to all the patriotic martyrs on the Abel side and also on the unfortunate souls on the Cain side. Please guide the spiritual worlds on both the Cain and Abel sides to harmonize and unite through filial hearts centered on the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and pour down on us the heavenly fortune to usher in the era of a united heavenly Korea! I reported all this in my name Lee Gi-seong, president of FFWPU for a heavenly Korea and blessed central family, Aju!


Two heartfelt speeches were then given by 3rd generation members expressing filial love for country and appreciation of the sacrifices made by those who have gone before. For completeness, because these are the young members who will help shape the future our movement, we are including here the full, basic translation of their words (done by the interpreter prior to the event):

Miss Choi Yeong-eun

Good morning. I am a third generation member and am in my first year of middle school. My name is Choi Yeong-eun.

My grandfather received the 777-couple Blessing. My parents received the 2nd Gen Blessing ceremony and they are presently pastors at Cheon Bok Gung Church.

My father first introduced me to volunteering work at the national cemetery. Ever since, I have been regularly doing volunteering work there.

The only volunteering work I did until then was what was requested of us in school. Hence, to be able to volunteer for people who died for this nation was thrilling and I really looked forward to it.

Before setting off for the national cemetery, I had the opportunity to listen to a message by our former sub-region leader.

He said that those who lay at the national cemetery will be happy to see three-generations of blessed families volunteering together and that True Parents will be happier. After hearing this, I felt this volunteering work was a precious activity connected with True Parents and was determined to do my best.

This was my first time to visit the national cemetery.

It was much bigger than I had expected and was quite surprised to see a lot of graves there.

When I saw the numerous gravestones, I realized that many people had sacrificed their lives for this nation. My heart ached at the thought of it and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks to the many unnamed people who protected this nation at the risk of their lives, our nation could develop to this degree and we are enjoying its many benefits. After this realization, I paid tribute with more reverence.

The adults cleaned the weeds around the gravestones while we changed the flowers in front of the gravestones into new ones. We would also wipe clean the gravestones.

While wiping the gravestones, I saw one stone plate in front of a gravestone and suddenly was overwhelmed with tears.

The message “I’m proud of you my son” was written on that stone plate.

I felt sad thinking of how the mother would have felt upon hearing news that her precious son had lost his life in the war.

If I were to hear news that someone in my family had lost their life in a war, how would I have felt? Just thinking about that was quite painful.

I participated in the volunteering work with all my heart with the thought that no such tragedy should happen again.

I thought about those who sacrificed themselves for this nation. Though volunteering at the national cemetery is not something big, I felt a bit more cheerful and proud at the thought that they will be a bit happier in the spiritual world.

Volunteering wasn’t easy. The weather was hot and we were really sweaty. Yet, I obtained much more through it. I felt happy as I was able to feel Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ love even more strongly.

Finally, when I visited the hall exhibiting the articles of the deceased heroes at the national cemetery, I was able to see their photos and articles. At times, I was completely overwhelmed by emotions.

In one letter sent by a soldier to his mother, the following was written, “Last night, I dreamt of you Mother. It was a dream like spring!” I felt the soldier’s longing for his parents and felt a lump in my throat.

I read about a young man who was sent to war as a soldier despite his young age. This young soldier jumped in front of a grenade thrown by an enemy soldier to save his comrade and died in the process. I wondered how I would have reacted in such a situation, and became very serious.

Though True Parents are not in an actual war with gunshots nearby, I thought about how they always show us true love in their war-like lives, dedicating themselves for the sake of humanity and felt even more grateful.

If North Korea and South Korea unite, I believe that such pain will no longer exist. I sincerely hoped that the two Koreas become united centered on True Parents and tragedies such as the Korean War never happen again.

Doing volunteering work with my parents at the national cemetery, I was able to deeply reflect on the kind of heart and life I needed to practice. It was a very meaningful time for me.

I will always strive to become a blessed child that can illuminate with True Parents’ love.

I express my sincere gratitude to my many teachers, True Parents and Heavenly Parent for well concluding this volunteering work.

Thank you.

Mr. Jeong Bok-hyeong

Good morning. I am a third-generation blessed child and my name is Jeong Bok-hyeong.

My grandfather [Jeong Su-won] received the 36-couple Blessing and also served as the national messiah of Ukraine. My father received the 2nd generation 72-couple Blessing. Following in my grandfather’s footsteps, he is presently working as the national leader of Ukraine. Thanks to my grandfather and father, I also dreamt of becoming a public leader that conveys True Parents’ Will. I am now working as an evangelist in the Youth and University Student Department and have gone one step closer to that dream.

I spent much of my adolescence overseas due to my parents’ mission work. Hence, I did not have much chance to think about unification like friends who live in Korea. Last month, however, I directly participated in volunteering work conducted at the Civilian Control Line. This made me deeply think about unification.

Our volunteering work at the Civilian Control Line was about helping landmine victims that lived in the vicinity of the border. Our team helped the farm work of the family of a victim, who lost a leg due to landmines at a young age. The victim died three years ago.

This victim stepped on the landmine that blew off his leg on a path he had regularly taken. Ever since, he walked using a prosthetic leg. Yet, I was told that his heart was more painful than the pain caused by his severed leg. I realized that this tragedy had befallen on quite a number of local residents. Thinking about that, my heart felt so frustrated at the division between the two Koreas and I repented for the lack of interest until then. This activity helped me directly feel the pain of the war, even if little, and made me think a lot. I offered a prayer of gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving me this opportunity.

Do you know the country named Ukraine?

Ukraine is located at the border between East Europe and Russia. In the process to get away from Russian influence and become an EU member, civil war between pro-Russian and anti-Russian parties broke out and is still going on. The civil war broke out when I was in my 3rd year of university in Ukraine. Back then, I was afraid and worried, and I asked my friends if it weren’t too dangerous. Surprisingly, my friends replied,

“It’s safer than Korea. So don’t worry.”

Back then, we simply laughed but now that I think about it, I feel that there are no other country living under the threat of war as much as Korea.

Through this volunteering work, my dream has been to achieve unity in Korea at all cost.

Then what can I do to bring about unity?

I thought a lot about it in an effort to find that answer.

True Parents said that we must arm ourselves with an ideology centered on Heavenly Parent’s true love in order to be able to embrace North Korea, which is armed with Kim Il-sung’s Juche ideology.

Hence, I came to the conclusion that we, the young people, need to first know the meaning and importance of unity from the perspective of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and continue to lead a life of sharing and practice based on our understanding of North and South Korean societies. There may be some difficult contents, I believe it is time to advance without stop in the same manner as True Parents, who dedicate themselves toward the establishment of Heaven’s nation on earth.

I also believe that if we continue to live a life of practice and all join together in offering devotion for True Parents’ providence for the unification of North-South Korea, we will be able to go one step closer to the joyful re-unification of the two Koreas.

As a third-generation member, I will do my utmost best to complete the duties of my filial heart for True Parents and become a child that achieves our True Parents’ dream. With warm passion as a youth of Sub-region 1, I pledge to become a victorious child.

I offer my gratitude again to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, who are always with us in true love.

Thank you.


After a video introduction the youth of sub-region 1 danced the “Unconditional” dance that has become a feature of events where True Parents are present.

Regional leader Rev. Ju Jin-tae’s speech followed on. In his speech he drew attention, with examples illustrated with photographs, to True Parents’ work to counter the influence of communism worldwide and to promote the reunification to the two Koreas.

He said:

In 1991, they visited North Korea and had an independent meeting with North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung. They were the first people to receive North Korea’s proclamation to denuclearize on paper. This has received just appraisal in history, and it is even introduced in author Kim Jin-myeong’s novel, Prediction.

With regard to recent events he also mentioned the following:

In February, the Little Angels were part of a Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening performance titled “Taeguk: Harmony of the Universe.” During this performance, I was surprised to see President Moon Jae-in and North Korea Special Envoy Kim Yeo-jeong [the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-eun] watching the performance together. It felt as though God was bestowing unspoken blessings for the unification of Korea on the two leaders and I could not contain my excitement.

[The full version of Rev. Ju’s speech is available on request to Julian Gray at the Mission Department]

Two politicians then spoke very passionately about the work for Unification, expressing their admiration for the work of our movement in support of that cause.

Representative Shim Jae-gwon

Representative Shim thanked the organizers including the leader of our Citizens Federation for North and South Korea. He said, “It is 65 years since the ceasefire. I feel FFWPU has been investing so much effort for the unification of Korea. I cannot express how difficult last year was [in the area of North-South Korean relations]. I believe that the Panmunjeom meeting of the leaders of North and South Korea set us on a path toward unity and prosperity, and I hope that the work will unfold well.”

He mentioned that through sports and cultural exchange they hope to create the footsteps toward unity, and invest all effort in creating a firm foundation. “More than government efforts, the resolve and the will of the people  will be crucial. I ask the members of the FFWPU to lend their support.


Representative Kim Yeong-woo

After thanking all the leaders in the movement who have devoted their attention to the issue of reunification, Mr. Kim specially thanked Mother for her work. He mentioned the work of the Citizens’ Federation’s nationwide work to educate the nation about reunification issues, and that the organization had received government citations and even presidential awards for its efforts. With regard to North Korea, he alluded to both the de-nuclearization issue and the human rights issues as ones on which progress must be made. Saying that we must achieve peace and unity on the Peninsula, he encouraged everyone present to work together for that.

With the speeches concluded, and after a video introduction of True Parents, True Mother was welcomed to the podium.

Mother’s Speech

Sunday, June 24, 2018

This is a partial representation of Mother’s speech at the 2018 Liberation of Patriotic Martyrs [of Korea] and the Determination Rally for North-South Unification, held in Korea today, June 24, at the Cheongshim Peace Word Center in Korea. (This content is from notes and summarized. Please do not rely on it for quotations or official use in presentations or publications.)


Respected guests from home and abroad, religious and political leaders

The Original Owner of the universe is God the Creator. Adam and Eve thought they could become like God and this is what led to the Fall of humankind. Our omnipotent God could not abandon the Principle of Creation through which He created the universe. And so He guided the path of restoring all of fallen humanity through indemnity—the providence of salvation.

Heaven has worked to lay the necessary conditions of indemnity so a victorious person who could be the ancestor of all humankind could come. The providence worked through Israel first, to send God’s son; It took 4,000 painful years before Jesus could come.

Yet the people could not understand the identity of Jesus; due to human ignorance the providence was frustrated and much suffering that followed for the people of Israel.

Christianity emerged, and, through the Holy Spirit, the apostles led its development. But people let their selfish desires guide their actions and many awful sins were perpetrated.

Heaven worked to send the only begotten daughter who could not emerge at the time of Jesus, and sent her to Korea.

Yet at that time humanistic and secular thought were rising up and even amid the Christian real, amid the people who believed in Christ, communism emerged declaring that God was dead. How miserable this would have been for God.

This nation suffered the terrible division between North and South by the influence of the great superpowers. On June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded the South—which had not been able to develop the necessary structure to protect itself. Despite threat of NK aggression it had remained unprepared. Yet sixteen nations mobilized young soldiers who shed blood, sweat and tears to save this nation. This was not just human effort or happenstance. It was Heaven’s work.

We wish for the unification of North and South Korea, yet we in South Korea must recognize our debt of gratitude to the world. As a result, Korea must exist for the sake of the world. What can Korea do for the world?

Tagore’s poem mentions the day that Korea rises again to become the bright light of the east. At the time he was writing, Korea was under Japanese occupation. How could it become the bright, shining light of the East? We need to clearly understand the truth. This nation needs to understand God. In our national anthem we sing, “May Korea live for 10,000 years under the protection of God”—in accordance with the Principle, God gave a portion of responsibility.

I remember a day. It was raining and I could see a line of refugees fleeing. I was in that line too. [After we reached Seoul] My grandmother said “Because my son is an officer in the South Korean army HQ, let us wait” And my uncle came with a car and brought us across that Han River. Because of one person’s decision, the lives and deaths of many young people were decided. Mercilessly killed. They stopped allowing people to cross the Han River. I can remember the look in the eyes of the people who were denied the possibility of crossing the bridge.

So the mission of our people is to take responsibility to complete Heaven’s Will. We must unite with True Parents and march as one with them. If we are unable to do so, we cannot win the victory.

Before we ascend to the spirit world we must make sure this nation is one in which God can dwell. This nation must stand tall before the world. You must stand tall as blessed families and fulfill your responsibility as citizens of this nation.

The light the poet Tagore spoke of was the light symbolizing the words of truth. True Parents have opened the Era of the Pacific Rim civilization.

Please become this light so all of humanity can actualize one Family under God. We will realize the heavenly kingdom on earth, where there is peace, unity and quality. Let us rise up and realize such a world together. All members from Region 1 can join hand in hand and make a firm pledge before Heaven.

After Mother concluded, everyone sang together “Our Cherished Hopes Are for Unity” and the rally came to a conclusion with four great cheers of Eok Mansei.

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